Thanks to a couple of nice guildies – one who has given me his extra pets and one who gave me the Elusive Lumpy –  I finally got the Anubisath Idol.

Anubisath Idol

Anubisath Idol

No, it’s not really that big. I thought it deserved a pet biscuit because let’s face it – who doesn’t want an Egyptian God following them around?

The big question of course is what to name him – I’m thinking Peaches or Cupcake – what do you think?

Maybe it’s just me, but I noticed that before the Tuesday maintenance the pet tamers’ difficulty level had been wracked up a few notches along with a hefty dose of RNG.

Tamers I had been able beat in one or two tries now took me five or six attempts – and some I couldn’t beat at all (I’m looking at you, Thundering Spirit!)

After the servers were back up, things seemed back to “normal” so I hope it stays this way.

A little RNG is okay, but when RNG is so overwhelming that it doesn’t matter what pet you use then it’s not you playing the game anymore – the game is playing for you.

A big part of Pet Battle fun is picking a good team of pets to beat an opponent using pet synergy and skills, making decisions as you go, and mixing it up a bit to try something new.

Leave it all up to RNG and well, that sucks the fun right out of it.  Might as well just click a “Battle” button and let RNG announce if you’ve won or lost.

There is plenty of RNG in the game – leave it out of my pet battles, please.

Oh, and just for the record, I blame CRZ 😀

Now I just have to level my new little buddy up to 25 because an Egyptian Mythology themed team would be awesome with the Anubisath Idol and Crawling Claw.

All I need is to find something suitable for the third slot!