This thing is tougher than a Raid Boss because it doesn’t take any skill, any strats, any gear – anything at all except a hefty dose of RNG and sheer luck.

I was working my way through the Kalimdor Pet Tamers on my Horde priest.  I was actually on my way to Moonglade and thought I might as well pick up the Felwood tamer and do a flyby of the Minfernal spawn area because you know, I like to torture myself.

I decided to skip the Felwood tamer and catch it on the way back, so I went to the craters and of course, nothing. No one was around – no one questing, no one camping, no one.

I was hovering over the most southern crater looking at the map when suddenly a little green paw appeared at the edge of the crater.

Yeah, another Tainted Rat but I was low enough to the ground to see it wasn’t a rat – it was a Minfernal!

I immediately engaged it in battle.  Fortunately I had switched back my Terrible Turnip after defeating the last Pet Tamer so I was ready to go.

Minfernal Battle

Minfernal Battle

It was an Uncommon Minfernal – another stroke of luck!  I would have been perfectly happy with a Poor or Common, so an Uncommon Minfernal was a bonus.

The Minfernal put up a good fight but he was no match for my Terrible Turnip and after a few anxious moments with missing crate tosses, I captured it.

Minfernal Battle

Minfernal Battle

But I wasn’t done yet.

It wasn’t the other two enemy pets – a Beetle and a Frog – that was making me anxious.  It was because I was on a PvP server.

At any moment an Alliance enemy could show up, attack me and kick me out of battle.

Sure, if you’re attacked the pet you’re battling doesn’t despawn but they can accidentally be killed by AoE or on purpose by the enemy, or they could just kill you and take your pet – especially a Minfernal pet.

I swapped in my Spawn of Onyxia for the Fly ability to quickly defeat the two enemy pets and the Minfernal was mine!

Minfernal Captured

Minfernal Captured

Now that I had the Minfernal safely in my Pet Journal, I flew around the area to see if there were any other spawns.

Not one.  Not even a Tainted Rat – nothing.

I waited around for about 20 minutes to see if something else would spawn and it was as empty and quiet as if nothing had happened.

I just happened to be at exactly the right place at the right time when ONE Minfernal decided to spawn for no reason – talk about sheer luck.

Minfernal Pet

Minfernal Pet

I do have one Magic Battlestone I could use to upgrade it to a Rare, but apparently the word is the Minfernal is not a great battle pet despite rarity.

Go figure.

Something this rare and difficult to get should be at the top of the Battle Pets food chain.

But I don’t care.  I’m just happy I don’t have to camp it anymore!