I got a Safari Hat in the mail the other day – a reward for the Taming the World Achievement.

It’s supposed to be BoA but there was some bug or something with it that I believe has been fixed.

Anyway, it’s a snappy looking hat that gives an additional 10% experience boost to your pets when equipped.

So…we get an experience nerf, then a hat for an experience buff.  I haven’t run the numbers but I’m guessing this probably evens out with more weight given to the nerf side.

But I don’t care.

It’s a snappy looking hat.

In fact, I love this hat so much that I wear it all the time – pet battles, dailies – heck it even looks good for LFR.

Not that I would forget to switch back to my helm, mind you – no, not me…

Feeding Frenzy at Felwood

Checked my alt camping at Felwood for the Minfernal (yes, I’ve been spelling it wrong but I’ll go back and correct it all later) and little green paws were popping up all over the spawning area on the minimap.

People camping the area went nuts flying from crater to crater in a rush to be the first one to battle a little green paw.

No, it wasn’t the Minfernal.  Not one bleeping Minfernal.

It was a whole lot of Tainted Rats.  Maybe this is a new “feature” to go along with the random spawning timers to replace server restart spawns.  Now we get bonus Tainted Rats sharing a spawn?


Just sell them at Blizzard Store for $10.00, for crying out loud.

Cinder Kitten

Speaking of the Blizzard Store, yes I bought myself a Cinder Kitten.  Well you know it’s for Charity and a good cause and all those other good reasons but I can’t lie.

It’s just so gosh darn cute and it’s a cat and it has an animation where it washes its’ face just like a cat and chases its’ cute little fire tail and squeee!

So ummm..yes…it’s for a good cause.

Darkmoon Hatchling

Yup, I ran out and bought one of these the first day of the DMF.  Didn’t know that there was a bug where it was supposed to be Rare but all were Uncommon.

There was a Blue post about how they were being upgraded to Rare.  If you had bought one and not learned it yet, then it could be set to Rare.   However, if you had already learned it, then you were out of luck and had to buy another one.

Yeah I learned mine so I found an alt that had exactly 90 tickets and bought another one for the Rare.

There was yet another bug with the Darkmoon Glowflies and Crow battle pets at the DMF that didn’t make the Crows able to be captured and nothing would spawn as a Rare.

I had found an Uncommon Glowfly and Crow so I went back to hunt for rares and didn’t find one.  I really want a Rare Crow because it’s mandatory for a Shadow Priest with the Raven glyph.

While I was at the DMF banging my head on keyboard (and no, I didn’t get the Darkmoon Eye in my bag) I hopped on the carousel for the rep/exp buff then went and did the Klaxxi dailies.

I don’t know if the DMF buff stacks with the Commendation buff, but I got enough rep to bump me almost to about 44% to Exalted.  Hopefully another couple of days will finish the Klaxxi rep for me.

Imperial Silkworm

Finally got one making my Imperial Silk!  I have enough silk to make a ton of the new bags if I ever get the rep to buy the pattern.

Lofty Libram

Took a run out to Hillsbrad Foothills to catch a Lofty Libram.  I made the mistake of taking the taxi so while flying there I saw a whole bunch of little green paws popping up for the Tiny Twister and the Tiny Bog Beast.

I knew darn well there was no point running back because I’d just get ooked in the dooker with CRZ and nothing would be there.

*insert usual CRZ rant here*

So I ran around the Dalaran Crater for a while killing Rat critters and battling Rats hoping for Lofty Libram.

Found a couple of Poors and one Uncommon, so I’ll have to go back at some point and try for a Rare.

Lofty Libram

Lofty Libram

I have a Magic battlestone but I haven’t decided what to use it on yet.  I used my Dragonkin one on my Common Nexus Whelpling because it was a good “Breed ID” and I haven’t seen a Nexus Whelpling since then.

Not too sure about the Magic though – I’ll have to download the Breed ID spreadsheet and see if I have anything worth upgrading.

I still haven’t beat all the Pandaren Spirit Tamers (yeah, Thundering Spirit) so I’ll have to hold off on it for a while until I level up better pets.

Shouldn’t take too long though because you know, I’m always wearing my Safari Hat.