Thanks to the rep Commendations, I finally reached exalted with the Anglers so yipee!  Three less dailies to do!

The Anglers

The Anglers

I know what you’re thinking – “LOL Angler’s rep isn’t as important as the factions that hold all the gear.”

And yes, you would be correct.

But…the Angler’s dailies are fast and fun with the added bonus you don’t need to be fully decked out in raid gear to do them without dying 50 times (I’m looking at you, Shado Pan!!)

Added Bonus: the Anglers have the Water Strider mount that walks on water – how cool is that?

Water Strider

Water Strider

Looking for Loot

Thought I’d try LFR one last time before Tuesday with my Horde priest.  Now the queue doesn’t show how many bosses are down anymore to keep people from declining I suppose.

So…as dps I have a 20-40 min wait anyway, then when I get in it’s always at the last boss.  Always.  No exceptions.

Then I can have another 20-40 min wait hoping to get either a fresh run or at least one with bosses I haven’t got yet but no…always the last boss.

I can’t even queue for the new LFR yet because I still don’t have the Achievement for the last raid because…I always just get the last boss.

No gear for me either – just a lousy bag of gold – for the last boss.

I wouldn’t mind waiting the 20-40 minutes if I knew I was at least going to get ONE boss I haven’t downed for the week – sure, 3 bosses averaging about an hour each to down in LFR + queue time works out to about a 6-7 hour time commitment.

I wouldn’t even care about getting no loot if I could just get the bosses I need to progress to the next raid.

I guess I’ll always be a content level behind but hey!  I got the last boss and a bag of gold…yeah.

Darkmoon Faire and More Pets

Still love the DMF!  Haven’t got the Darkmoon Eye pet from the Pet Tamer bag yet, but at least I have a good team that can beat that stupid monkey!  Bananas…yeah.

Apparently the Glowfly has been hotfixed so that Rares are now available, and the Crow can now be captured as well.

I raced back to grab a Crow and got an Uncommon – I’ll have to go back and try for a Rare before the week is up.



Of course I named my Crow “Poe”!

Love the new carousal too – it will give a rep/experience buff but it’s just fun to ride!



I still don’t know about *all* the new pets available, but I was looking through my Pet Journal and spotted the Emerald Proto-Whelp that is a miniature version of the Green Proto-Drake.

Well yeah, of course I have to get one of those!  So off I went to Scholazar Basin to find one.

Yup, I found one – ONE in the entire are where they spawn.  It was a poor but I grabbed it anyway then waited around until another ONE spawned – about 30 minutes later.

It was a common so I battled it to replace my Poor, waited around again, ONE spawned and well, you get the idea.

So about every 30-40 minutes ONE would spawn in the area.  I waited around for a while hoping to get at least an Uncommon but all I saw was a couple of Poors and a few Commons.

After about forever, the ONE that spawned in the same place as the others was a Rare.

Emerald Proto-Whelp

Emerald Proto-Whelp

I’ve got a Dragonkin Battlestone to upgrade something to Rare, but because the stones are rare themselves I’m hanging on to it for now.

With CRZ going completely across all servers today, Pet hunting might be going the way of the dinosaur and I might need the Dragonkin stone once that happens.

Yeah…CRZ.  Thanks for Ooking us in the Dooker, Bliz.