Faction Rep Commendations

I’m liking the new Commendations we can buy for rep now.  Once you hit revered, you can purchase a Commendation to double your daily quest rep.

I’d rather have this at Honored but it’s better than nothing.

I bought my priest a Golden Lotus and Angler’s Commendation as that was all she had at revered.  I was close with the Klaxxi so I forced myself to do a couple of their dailies to hit revered.

Armed with my new Commendation, the Klaxxi rep went a lot faster, revered opened up a couple of new quests/dailies, so hopefully I’ll be done with them soon.

The only reputation I’m really interested in is the August Celestials because they have my Tailoring Bag Pattern.

I think I’m barely into Honored with them so I’ve got a long way to go.

On the bright side, I’ve been encouraged to make my Imperial Cloth every day because now it has a chance to drop the Imperial Moth and Imperial Silkworm pets.  I got the moth pet and was glad to see it has a different model from the “usual” moths.  No sign of the silkworm yet!

By the time I’m Exalted and get my bag pattern, I should have enough Imperial Silk saved up to replace a bunch of bags and maybe sell a few.

Unusual Rare Spawns

Logged in for a bit early in the morning to check my “camping” alts for rare pets I’m missing.  Nothing in Felwood (big surprise) so I headed to Deadwind Pass to battle the tamer for a bag of Pet Supplies.

Arcane Eye and Restless Shadeling

When I got there, I spotted quite a few little green paws for the Arcane Eyes and Restless Shadelings.

Battled a few Arcane Eyes first and found a Rare – then I raced into the Master’s Cellar and the third Shadeling I battled was a Rare.

Restless Shadeling

Restless Shadeling

I really love this little pet so I was happy to snag a Rare to level up.

I don’t know if the last patch (or subsequent server restarts) made any changes to pet spawning, but it was a little unusual to see Restless Shadelings around unless they were left from the last spawn time.  Considering how “camped” I’ve seen these pets, I would assume they would all be snapped up in a matter of minutes.

Arctic Fox Kit

This was really a strange one.  I had a green fox but left an alt there just in case it was ever snowing again and I might have a chance at a rare.

When I logged in, it wasn’t snowing but I spotted a few little green paws and they were Arctic Fox Kits.

I assumed that maybe it had just stopped snowing and a few were left, but over the course of an hour or two they just kept respawning and not a snowflake in sight.  Maybe their spawns are not tied to weather anymore?  I have no idea.

Anyway, I put out the word to the guild that the foxes were spawning if anyone needed one, and three of us managed to snag a Rare.

Arctic Fox Kit

Arctic Fox Kit

Fluxfire Feline and the DK

I have way too much “spare” time, so I decided to try for a Fluxfire Feline – who doesn’t want a mechanical kitten?  So I headed off to the Gnome starter zone and read up on the theories of how these things spawn.

Apparently the “theory” is that they share spawns with the Irradiated Cockroach critters in the “green” area, and probably with other battle pets as well.

So I went all over the green area killing cockroaches and a few of the battle pet spawns around the perimeter and sure enough, about 10-25 minutes later a couple of Fluxfire Felines spawned.  Most were Poor/Common but I caught a Green one and went around killing more cockroaches to see if I could get another spawn.

Sure enough, a couple spawned and while I was battling one a DK from another server showed up.

He whispered me “grats” and said how he’s been trying to get one for while and would be happy with a Poor or Common just to have one.

I told him about the cockroach theory, so we went around killing more cockroaches and waited for the next spawn.

A couple spawned, so we each battled one.  He got a Poor but I had another Green.  I asked him if he wanted it because I could quit the game so it wouldn’t despawn and he could get it.

He didn’t know about the quit trick, so I told him to get ready, quit the game and when I logged back in and he had his pet!

I don’t know if he was more surprised to get a Green Fluxfire Feline or that someone from another server would actually help him out, but he seemed very happy.

After he left I did a few more “rounds” and eventually got my Rare.

Fluxfire Feline

Fluxfire Feline

I think I killed so many cockroaches for that pet that I probably qualify for an exterminator license.

Harbringer of Flame

A guildie was kind enough to show me how to get to MC to try for the new raid pets.  A Corefire Imp dropped and we decided to roll Greed on it and she won.

Actually it’s a perfect pet for her since she put together a very nice “warlock” transmog – for her Priest!  The little Imp pet looks great with it and well, makes her look even more Warlock-y!

A little later the Harbringer of Flame dropped and I rolled Greed, but she passed on it so I would win and we would each get a pet – gotta love guildies!

Harbringer of Flame

Harbringer of Flame