Defeated the last Pet Tamer in Pandaria and got the Taming Azeroth Achievement.

Taming Azeroth

Taming Azeroth

Legendary pets but this was probably one of the easier Pet Tamers for me.

Not like Major Payne at the Argent Tournament who is well-named because he’s a major pain.

Defeating Major Payne

Took me a while to find a good combination to beat this guy.  It doesn’t always work if Grizzle’s (beast) first move is a stun, but then I’ll just forfeit the match and try again.

Bloom never goes first – usually it’s Grizzle but a few times Beakmaster has been up first.  I’d rather forfeit the fight with Beakmaster starting because losing a turn swapping out pets never ends well.

I actually had the toughest time finding something to defeat that stupid Bloom flower (elemental.)

My “A” Team for Major Payne are all level 25:

  • Landro’s Lil’XT  – Zap, Repair, XE-321 Boombot  (Grizzle)
  • Terrible Turnip – Tidal Wave, Leech Seed, Sons of the Root (Beakmaster)
  • Spawn of Onyxia – Breath, Healing Flame, Lift-Off (Bloom)

Any mechanical with Repair is strong against the bear, and although one could (or probably should) counter that stupid flower with an Aquatic pet, I haven’t had too much success with it.

Spawn of Onyxia’s Breath attack might not be very strong against an Elemental, but Lift-Off has been valuable in having that stupid flower “miss” it’s Lash attacks and let me sneak in one more Healing Flame.

The only one I wouldn’t replace is the Terrible Turnip.  This little guy is a powerhouse for this fight – Tidal Wave to knock health of all the pets, Leech Seed to heal back up, and Sons of the Root to hide from damage and still get a few punches in.

Plus the Sons of the Root animation is one of the best to watch – makes me laugh every time.


All I need is one pet still alive when I kill all the enemy pets to win.  The more health I can knock of any pet at any point makes it easier for the next pet, even if I have to sacrifice a pet to do it.

Grizzle vs Landro’s Lil’XT

Timing is everything on this fight.  Depending on Grizzle’s first attack, I’ll either get a Boombot up first or start a 2-round repair cycle.

When Grizzle goes into Hibernate, I’ll just waste a couple of Zaps because I’m really just killing a couple of rounds waiting for the Boombot to hit Grizzle when he comes out of Hibernate.

It’s not very likely I’ll get in a second Repair cycle, so if I think it’s going to be close I’ll make another Boombot and keep Zapping.

Grizzle will usually kill the pet but I’m counting on the one, last repair that brings Lil’XT back to life with about 235 health.  That’s just enough for the second Boombot to go off and/or kill Grizzle with one last Zap.

Bear down!

Beakmaster vs Terrible Turnip

If Lil’XT has any health left at all I’ll leave him in if he can get one last Zap off and knock some health off the bird.

My main goal with the Terrible Turnip is not so much to kill Beakmaster, but to get a few punches in on that stupid Bloom.

So I just spam the Wave attack, use Leech Seed if Terrible Turnip is getting a bit low, and when the Beakmaster is at about 30%-45% health I’ll use the Sons of the Root attack.

That will usually finish off Beakmaster, and when he comes back with repair, a Wave or Leech Seed will kill him.

Bloom vs Spawn of Onyxia

Survival is the main goal of this fight.  Lift-Off to avoid Lash and Entangling Roots, and if I’m lucky and it doesn’t miss (as it usually does) it will do a lot of damage to Bloom.

I’ll use Healing Flame early in the fight to make sure it will be up again in a few rounds when I’m really going to need it.

Breath is used more as a filler move to do a bit of damage until Lift-Off and/or Healing Flame is ready again.

I can beat Major Payne about 90% of the time.  I know there are better pets out there for this fight but at the moment I don’t have a lot of level 25s, so I have to work with what I’ve got.

Rare Pet Parade!

A few screen shots of some of my rare pet acquisitions.  I found quite a few Flayer Younglings last night and actually snagged myself a rare.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a very good “breed” – my Uncommon is better – but what the heck?

I also ran my Horde priest on the PvP server over to Stormpeaks and what do you know?  It was snowing!  I found ONE Arctic Fox Kit and captured it.

Arctic Fox Kit

Arctic Fox Kit

By the time the battle was over the snow had disappeared.  It was just a Common but it was enough to get me the Achievement.

Arctic Fox Kit

Arctic Fox Kit

Baby Ape

Baby Ape

Flayer Youngling

Flayer Youngling

Silithid Hatchling

Silithid Hatchling


Wanderer's Festival Hatchling

Wanderer’s Festival Hatchling

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get the Minfernal…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!