There are rare battle pets, and then there are rare spawn battle pets.

With the upcoming changes in the 5.1 patch, we will be able to “upgrade” our pets to Uncommon with Polished-Battle Stones, and to Rare with Flawless-Battle Stones.

The “General Purpose” Flawless stones will be rare drops from wild pet battles and not BoP, so be prepared for the AH gouge factor to be in full force.

The “Family Specific” Flawless stones will be found in the Sack of Pet Supplies and BoP, so maybe you’ll get something useful, maybe not.

I haven’t been doing the Battle Pet dailies very much (yeah, more dailies…yeah) so from what I understand the Sack of Pet Supplies are available from the Daily Grand Master Pet Tamers.

Ugh…guess I’m going to have to add them to my dailies list.

So if we’re looking at Flawless-Battle Stones as either rare drops or a gazillion gold on the AH, it’s probably best to save those for the Rare Spawn pets instead of just upgrading other pets to Rare.

Assuming one gets a rare spawn pet of any quality.

At this point I’d be happy to grab a poor quality pet of anything from the rare spawn pets – Silithid Hatchling, Arctic Fox Kit, Baby Ape and of course the Minfernal – HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh.  Excuse me.  Was that hysterical laughter?

So I flipped through my pet list and found a few Uncommons I could try for rares, and I even had a few Common and Poor in the list as I had grabbed whatever I got for the achievements when MoP was released.

I only had one Poor Cheetah Cub so off I went to Northern Barrens to hunt for a rare.  On my Alliance character.

Rare Cheetah Cub

Probably a Horde character would be a better choice running around the Barrens as I found my Alliance character wasn’t very welcome in the Horde towns if I accidentally got too close.

I actually found quite a few Cheetah Cubs but all poor or common quality.  They seem to be similar to the bear spawns – cubs will spawn with a mother Cheetah so it’s a good idea to mark the mothers with a raid icon and not kill them once you battle the cubs.

I didn’t bother killing the Cheetahs without spawns because there were plenty around.

I don’t know if it made a difference or not but while I was waiting for my “marked” Cheetahs to respawn cubs, I killed the other battle pets in the areas near the spawn points.

Then it’s just a matter of flying around and around and around checking your marked Cheetahs to see if cubs have respawned yet.

Mostly Poor and Commons would spawn, and I managed to catch an Uncommon that I figured was better than nothing.

I finally had a Rare show up and got it.  Yay Terrible Turnip!  I’m glad I took the time to level it up to 25 because it would one-shot the level 3 Cheetah Cub to 1 health point, then it’s just a matter of cycling through the Strong Trap misses until you catch it.

I think it took me a few hours to find a rare spawn so be prepared to spend some time in the Barrens unless you’re lucky.

The best part about looking for Rares that aren’t very “popular” is that I had the entire zone to myself, except for a couple of low level players questing in the area and didn’t seem interested in the battle pets.

Of course, it was a CRZ so I couldn’t tell you where I was as far as servers go.  Who knows anymore?


I had an Uncommon of this Battle Pet, so I took the trip up to Western Plaguelands to see if I could find a rare.

They fly (or sit) around the Andorhol area but they will also show up as secondary pets to other battle pets in the zone.

Apparently they are good PvP battle pets (at least until 5.1) so I expected to see some camping, but no one was there.

Of course it was a CRZ (stutter, stutter, bam, clunk!) but then I also got hit with the other dreaded “feature” – phasing.

I found a few Blighthawks in Andorhol (some are glitched so you have to use the /tar Blighthawk and spam your Interact keybind to battle) but no rares.

I flew around the rest of the zone and found a few other battle pets with Blightawks as secondaries.  Most of the time there were no battle pets at all – anywhere.  I could see the green paws on my minimap and see the pets, but they would “disappear” when I got close enough to battle them.

There were a few comments at Wowhead about the phasing issue – some suggest finishing up the quests in the area, some insist it doesn’t make any difference – so I don’t know if there is a solution to it or not.

I’m sure my Alli priest did all the quests in the zone (she has Loremaster) and I didn’t see any quests with “Low Level Quests” on, so I might have to try an alt that hasn’t been there or done all the quests yet to see if it solves the phasing issue.

No rare Blighthawks for me.

On the bright side, I now get to rant about CRZ and Phasing…