10.  Kicked on to another server just to give the illusion the world is “populated” without the ability to do anything (e.g. report people) makes me feel like an NPC.  It would probably be a lot cheaper to just pop in a bunch of NPCs for all the good it does.

9.  I never really know what time it is unless I’m in Panda land.  Yup, anything that resets at midnight is going to be a heck of a lot of fun when Panda land goes CRZ.  The official Blizzard word is that one won’t be CRZ’d with more than a 3-hour time difference.  Yup, that really helps a ton…

8.  More PvP babies.  Sorry kiddies, but if you gank lowbies all that tells me is that you would probably wet your diapers if you had to fight someone at your own level.  Thanks to CRZ, PvP servers now look like Kindergarten at recess.

7.  Rare spawn Battle Pets.  Yes, nothing I love more than flying over a zone and seeing a whole bunch of timed, rare spawns popping up but once I land I’m stuck in another zone with no spawns at all.

6.  Getting the passenger kicked off a two-person mount ever time you cross into a CRZ.  Apparently this is no longer a “bug” but a “feature” – are you kidding me?

5.  Resources.  Sure, now we have everyone and his dog sucking up all the server resources with the added bonus that the resources leave your server.  As an example, I’ve been trying to level up Tailoring and it has been next to impossible to find any Frostweave Cloth.  Anything on the AH is priced at 410% (if there is any at all) and farming it myself is impossible because I have to compete with not only my own server bots, but everyone else’s server bots.

4.  Unable to report/ignore CRZ players and suspected bots for ToU violations.

3.  The only time I actually see other players in the world is either farming resources or camping rare spawns.  Anyplace else is pretty empty – see #1.

2.  I can’t do the stuff I enjoy doing “out in the world” because with CRZ it becomes an exercise in frustration (see #5, #7 and #8.)  Might as well sit in Org/SW and queue for dungeons.   Oh wait!  Wasn’t this the expansion that had a ton of fun things to do out in the world?

1.  I suspect the “official” reasons for CRZ are not the “real” reasons as I hope this buggy, poorly-implemented, annoying “feature” wouldn’t be released by any respectable business in it’s current form.

I was trying to come up with something good about CRZ but I haven’t found anything yet.  I’d ask some of my game friends but you know, they’re in another zone…