But first, a quick Congratulations to my American friends on their Election. Even if the election results are not what you wanted – hey!  You have a better election system than Canada!  Be thankful for that much 😀

Yeah…so…I wiped the raid because I got that Arcane whachamacallit and ran into the raid instead of away from the raid.

I also was the only one who was dead when the boss finally went down.

Looks like things are back to normal!

Except I noticed my dps – not stellar at the best of times – really tanked out for the first couple of bosses.

I didn’t know what was wrong – not smashing keys fast enough?  Did I not reforge my gear correctly?  Was I missing something important?

Was it because I grabbed a flask instead of a potion and then wondered why I couldn’t drink it before the pull?  (Yeah, I did that too…)

Maybe I was just tired or maybe it was because the cat was purring too loud?

I don’t know.

When a nice ring dropped and it was kindly given to me (serious upgrade – thank you!) I didn’t even know I had it until I checked my character panel during a “break” to see if my Hit stats were off.

That’s when I noticed something a little odd in my gear slots.

I was wearing my Fishing Hat.

Yes, I had my Fishing Hat equipped for the raid.

No wonder it took so long for those bosses to go down.