Again and again and again…

Finally got 90 lesser whatevers on my Horde priest for 3 lucky bonus rolls so I queued for LFR part 1 and got an in-progress group at the last boss.

Got that done and blew a bonus roll for nothing.  So…queued for Part 2 and got another in-progress group at the last boss.

While we were waiting everyone left except 4 of us, and about 15 minutes later got a full group.

Well, that was a wipe fest so more than 1/2 the raid left and another 15 or 20 minute queue.

You get the picture.

Two hours later (and a practically an entire new group each time) we finally got the last boss down and…no loot for me.

No point leaving the group and trying to queue again for a fresh run since it just keeps popping you into the same one.

So I wasted a few hours on the two last bosses in each part and got nothing to show for it except gold that wasn’t enough to cover repairs.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother…

I had just enough time left for the holiday boss and no HH mount.  Got another broom and some masks – yippee!

Is it just me or is there nothing more horrific than the Human Male Mask?

Here’s the obligatory screen shot of the Magic Broom with the Feline Familiar for the traditional Hallow’s End festivities.

Magic Broom and Feline Familiar

Magic Broom and Feline Familiar

I have to admit the cat is one of my favorites and I wish I could ride around on a broom all year long.

I don’t have any pictures of my shiny new gear because I didn’t get any, so here’s a picture of my Terrible Turnip.

Terrible Turnip

Terrible Turnip

Grown from the Ominous Seed.

Ominous Seed

Ominous Seed

This is definitely one pet I’ll be leveling up!