I’d like to see a boss go down while standing on my feet.

Dead Again

Dead Again

I swear I don’t die on purpose! I didn’t even bother taking screen shots of all my deaths because well…I’m running out of hard drive space for them.

I do, however have enough “Dead Again” shots to publish a 6-set DvD collection.  All I need is a catchy title and music score – Chopin’s Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35 seems appropriate.

Feng the Accursed finally got what he deserved because he’s just nasty.

Grats Shadow Rising!

Grats Shadow Rising!

The Crimson Hammer has a great post about how they did it!

No raid boss is as tough or has the power to set my stress level up as hearing the words “can you switch to healing?”

I might never beat the Healing Boss, but I got some sound healing advice for the fight and by the end I wasn’t so stressed out anymore.

Doesn’t mean I’m any good at it – I’m not that deluded.  Getting familiar with the fight and anticipating what’s coming made a big difference for a couple of things.


Ugh.  Now, I know I don’t have proper healing gear so my spirit level is low.  As Shadow I don’t really have to think about mana and if I do get low there is always Disperse if SF isn’t up.

Disc?  Well, I still have SF and I have some spells that will give me mana-reduced or “free” spells and a few mechanics that will give extra healing when they kick in – if I remember to use them.

Yeah…I would be down to less than half mana at the first phase before I knew the fight well enough to start anticipating what I would need and making sure I had the mana to do it.

Like Barrier…yeah…couldn’t use it when I needed it the first time or two because I didn’t manage my mana and didn’t have any.

I still missed a lot, over-healed like a boss and made a bunch of other mistakes but if I did one thing right it was making sure I had just enough mana for that Barrier for the last few attempts.

Healing…I could actually get to like it.

Safety Tip:  If you happen to get Arcane Resonance on you ummm…run away from the raid.

On the Alliance side, I finally made a farming “friend”, got some chickens and a straw hat.

Farm Chickens and Straw Hat

Farm Chickens and Straw Hat

Less dailies to do!  Now I have more time to do dailies on my Horde priest and get her caught up.

I still can’t remember why I need to plant all those carrots…

Update:  I got my PvP ring back.  I used the Blizzard Recovery form and sure enough!  There were both my rings I vendored right at the top of the list.  When I logged in it was in my mailbox…CoD of course.