Two Shas of Anger…

Two bonus rolls…

Two Malevolent Gladiator’s Band of Accuracy PvP rings…

Two exactly the same Malevolent Gladiator’s Band of Accuracy PvP rings.

There are 24 priest loot items I can get, and three of those are rings.

First I have to “win” a secret roll to get loot.ย  If I “win” loot, then I get an appropriate randomly selected loot item from the loot table.

It’s RNG if I get loot, then RNG for what I get if I pass the first RNG.

If I pick a bonus roll, we start all over again.

I’m not a math guy, but what are the odds of winning a roll to get loot, and then getting the exact same item out of 24 items?

I know there’s probably a solid math formula for this, but then my head would explode.

Oh well.

At least here’s some math I can figure out:

2 rings @ 16 gold each = 32 gold from the vendor.

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.