Yeah, Fatty Goat Steaks…

Thought I’d be clever and Mind Sear a pack down.  You know, DoT ’em up first to help MS along.  Maybe last expansion when MS actually worked, but now…

Just run oom with a bunch of goats still alive and kicking.

Bad idea.

And…next patch is bringing a serious nerf to my Psyfiend buddy.

Oh well.

At least I got more carrots planted for my Alli priest.  I had a reason to plant carrots for some pot thing but I keep forgetting I need to go fishing for some other ingredient.

Anyway, I like to get a full crop planted just in case I get the Ominous Seed for the Turnip pet.

I could spend my tokens on ingredients but then I would have nothing to do other than dailies.

Heck, I didn’t even do the Golden Lotus and the rest because…

My Horde priest got the Dragonling trinket from the guild and that gave me the one ilvl I need for LFR!

I had also scraped up 90 tokens to trade in for the 3 lucky whatever so I was ready to go.

I could only queue for the first part but I won pants!  Yup, blew all my bonus rolls and got lovely pants.  That let me queue for part 2 and I won a belt!  Belt and pants!

Thank goodness I got to group up with guildies for the Horde dailies because that saved me about 2 hours and LFR took forever.

But I got LFR before the reset so I can run it again this week – maybe after I scrape up more lesser tokens for a few more bonus rolls.

My dps still sucks big time.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong but both priests are stuck and I don’t know how to fix it.

Maybe if I could figure out what I’m doing wrong I could kill stuff faster and dailies wouldn’t be such a huge pain in the behind.

Speaking of pains in the behind…

I finally got enough rep with my Alli priest for the Lorewalkers, and that lets me “trade” my MoP restored artifacts for crates of fragments for other races.

I’ve been trading in everything for the Tol’vir crates because I’m still looking for the Crawling Claw and bug mount.

But all I’ve been getting are “Sketch of a Desert Place” and “Castles of Sand” over and over and over…

I’ve got a few rares digging around Panda Land – the umbrella, the target dummy and the trinket.

Archaeology is still slightly less exciting than watching ice cubes melt but at least you don’t have to travel across continents to dig.  The increased fragments help and now you can get 6 digs from one site instead of 3.  Still painful, but a lot better than Cataclysm.

I still need to do all the Golden Lotus and friends dailies to get the new Tailoring bag pattern because with the space “crunch” I’m going to need a whole bunch of very expensive bags.

Yeah, forgot to do my Imperial Silk…again…but what the heck.  By the time I get through all the dailies to get the the pattern I’ll probably have enough silk to open up my own Bag Shop.