I already got the meta with my violet drake, lots of Creepy Crates and my cute little cat that rides around on a broom so no panic with Hallow’s End this year.

Except of course I haven’t got the HH mount.  I did get the lovely plate helm – just what a priest needs!  Can’t even transmog it so off to the vendor.

I did manage to get both intellect rings that my Horde priest desperately needed to replace her green rings.

After a very disappointing weekend running dungeons and scenarios and getting nothing in the gear department, the guild ran some heroics and I replaced just about everything crappy I had with decent heroic gear – thanks guys!

Now I’m just one little teeny ilvl away from Looking for Loot.  I have a couple of green trinkets to replace and of course I need PANTS.

For the love of Elune why on all of Azeroth are there no pants??  One lousy pair of pants would kick me into LFR so I could be disappointed…errr…ummm…have a fun time getting LFR gear.

Can’t buy any trinkets because I don’t have enough valor and I probably don’t have the rep to buy anything.  Not even sure if there are any trinkets since after Dying For Dailies I’m too tired to check.

I have noticed a significant difference on my Alli priest who has heroic gear and a few crafted epics.  Dailies go a lot faster and are a lot easier with better gear.  Heck, I was done dailies so fast I even went and did the Klaxxi ones just for fun.

I’m hoping my Horde priest will have a better chance with dailies with her shiny new gear – I’ll find out fast enough tonight!

Oh…and to all the people who have maxed out JC and Enchanting on my server…how about some Intellect gems and enchants please?

Yes, 3,387 PvP gems are very pretty and 2,305 Enchant Bracer: Dodge are very useful but some Intellect caster stuff would be appreciated!

And no…I’m not spending over 4000 gold on a belt buckle unless it’s for a BiS epic belt or your belt buckle can sing, dance and wash dishes.

I got what I could anyway then reforged everything.  I noticed in the heroic dungeons my spells were casting so slow I thought it was something wrong with my keyboard.

Nope, just no haste and I was way over hit cap.  I reforged a lot of mastery/crit into haste and got just below hit cap.  I tried it out at the practice dummies and the casting seemed a lot better.  At least it didn’t feel like I was trying to cast through molasses!

If I can find that one last ilvl tonight I can squeeze in one LFR before the reset – I might even scrape up enough Luckydo or whatever tokens for a bonus roll!

After all that was done I decided to kick back and waste some time with the Pet Battles.

I had picked up the Hallow’s End quests with my Horde priest just for a little gold and when I was at Undercity I noticed the Lost of Lordaeron pets floating around so of course I had to have one!

It only took me a couple of tries to find a rare so that made me happy.  Who doesn’t want a cute little ghost following them around during the Hallowe’en season?

Oh…and my Horde priest got her first Honorable Kill.  Some poor level 90 Alliance trying for the Wickerman quest and well, PvP server and since I was flagged anyway…