Err…ummm…I mean Looking for Raid.

Thought I’d try the “new” 3 bosses for giggles and gear.

Zoned in to a bunch of skeletons and thought I was stuck in another “in progress” LFR although I don’t remember seeing the notice of “bosses down” or whatever.

Well, I guess it wasn’t.

On the bright side, I was able to get all 3 bosses on my first LFR attempt.  I get so tired of having to run it again and again to get all the bosses because I always get bounced into the “in progress” groups.

On the down side, it took a long time and a number of spectacular wipes before finishing the raid.

The Four Kings – actually a pretty fun fight, especially when Flanking Orders starts marching through.

There are even a few times when that otherwise totally (nerfed into the ground) useless Mind Sear is somewhat useful.

Elegon – typical boss-adds-boss-adds fight.
Safety Tip:  Don’t fall off the platform…

Will of the Emperor – be prepared to run around a lot.

Yeah, I’ll admit I enjoyed it despite the wipes and thought the whole thing was fun.  No loot for me even after spending my last luckydo on a bonus roll.

Well, I did “win” the off-hand fan but I got that last week so…

I just wish I got enough reward gold to pay for repairs…ugh.

Oh well.

Back to the Dailies for Gear I guess.

I was flying around for the Tillers dailies when I spotted a quest for a “Lost Dog.”  I picked up the quest, got the 20 meat or whatever for it and turned it in.

When I went back to my farm the dog was there!  I didn’t know the quest put the dog on your farm so that was a nice surprise since I don’t have the rep yet for any other farm “perks.”

All I want now is the option to name my new farm doggie…make it so Blizzard.