But first…

Ode to Psyfiend

Psyfiend, Psyfiend, you’re my Pal
Those knockback mobs can go to hell

You’ve saved my behind from the bees
When I’ve pulled two packs from the trees

Psyfiend friend what can I say?
Without you I’d be dead all day

PvE or PvP
Psyfiend, you’re the best for me!


Ah, my Psyfiend was never more appreciated than when I spent a marathon weekend leveling up my Horde Priest to 90 – on a PvP server *gasp*

Level 90 – Easier the Second Time

Yes, I made it.  Didn’t get a screen shot of the Big Moment because when I hit 90 a lovely addon lua error covered to the screen so here’s a crappy Armory picture.

Level 90 - Finally!

Level 90 – Finally!

Now, I understand the PvP server is Horde-dominated but even the most PvP-shy Alliance thought I looked like an easy target and would take a shot at me.

Not that it was a faction war by any stretch of the imagination.  Just the odd Paladin or two, Death Noobs, and once a hunter.

I had more moments of co-operation with Alliance than war, so it made the leveling process actually enjoyable.

One minor complaint – there needs to be more Armor repair NPCs!  More than once I hit a few quest lines that bounce you around the middle of no-where and while there might be a few vendors there were no repairs.  More Repairs Please!

Safety Tip:  Don’t accidentally run off a cliff and slow fall into an Alliance camp.  Night Elves have no sense of humor.

Time Management for Toons

“Congratulations!  You have reached level 90 – now go do dailies until your eyes bleed!”

That’s what the Achievement should say.

No way I can do two full sets of dailies on two characters as there just isn’t enough time (without quitting my day job.)

So I’ve been trying to “schedule” dailies based on what would be required for each character and what could be shared across the account.

The Achievement stuff I can do on Bo #1 since she’s ahead in the Daily-Rama and will get that stuff finished first.

She can also get any pets/mounts from rep dailies now that they are account-wide so that will “save” a few dailies for Bo #2.

Except maybe the Cloud Serpent.  Apparently the mount is shared but you need Exalted rep to get the Riding for it.

But Bo #2 can pick that up later on as it’s just a ride and she has access to plenty of fun mounts.  Right now she’s traveling around on the Obsidian Nightwing RaF mount just because it looks so awesome with a Shadow Priest.

Bo #2 needs cooking and I can focus only the Way of the Pot or whatever has the priesty buff food.  She can also do the farming quests since two characters farming will give me a better shot at getting the Ominus Seed for the turnip pet.

Interesting note:  When I first went to Halfhill to start the farming/cooking I expected it would be a massacre with a full-out faction war.

It wasn’t.  I guess everyone hates dailies so much they just want to get them done and save the PvP stuff for another time.

And…the Golden Lotus dailies.  Although I got the quest chain “right” this time around and opened the gates, I still missed those three quests to open the dailies so she has to backtrack…again.

I don’t know what I did “right” this time, but Bo #2 hit 90 before getting to the Dread Wastes.  I think it’s because I had an easier time and did the quests I had skipped on Bo #1.

I have the Klaxxi bread crumb quest so I’ll have to go to Dread Wastes anyway and pick up whatever else is out there that I’ll need.


Bo #2 is still stuck with Tailoring and Enchanting.  She’s up to Northrend Tailoring and needs about 5,000 Frostweave cloth to get past it.  There was one stack at the AH priced at 250% so a-farming-we-will-go.

I’m not sure about Enchanting.  I would much rather have Engineering since I miss the Auction guy at the Temple and I really miss my repair bots and portals.

My Druid has mining/herbalism so she can grind out the ores for Engineering but that all can be done later.  I’m slowing working on leveling my Druid to 90 but no rush – she’s getting all the new ores/herbs and I’m learning how to play Cat since Balance is still a mystery.

So…Bo #2 needs to start the “required” dailies and running dungeons.  Getting to 90 “early” had one disadvantage – I didn’t have the ilvl to get into a “normal” dungeon.

Fortunately Lyssi and Slice made me the epic chest/gloves with gems and enchants, and I had just enough JPs to get bracers that opened the normal dungeons – thanks guys! You’re the best!

So I think I have an idea of the daily “priorities.”  Bo #1 is running scenarios to learn how to heal and that gives time for Bo #2 to run dungeons for gear.

I’m pretty sure this will all work once I get organized and Bo #1 starts reaching Exalted and can drop a lot of rep dailies.

Maybe I should invest in some Time Management software…