Well, here she is finally – all of level 12 – my baby Panda Monk Lotuscat (yes, I know I have no imagination with names.)

Baby Panda Monk Lotuscat

Baby Panda Monk Lotuscat

Notice she’s rocking white gear with the new heirloom pants.  I have full sets of heirlooms for her just haven’t sent them yet because I haven’t played her since she got out of the starter zone.

I picked the healing spec but now I’m thinking I should level with the tank or dps spec.  I really hate dragging around two sets of gear but I have all the agility pieces with the new staff so what the heck.  I already sent her both versions of the trinkets so she’s good to go either way.

Still not sure which heirloom intellect weapon to get or how many if monks duel wield.  Yup, got a lot of reading up to do on monks and a lot of JPs to blow on more heirlooms if I need it.

I had to run her over to the pet trainer last night to pick up the Crane pet for my collection and my Worgen for the Raven pet.  I guess there are racial pets like racial mounts so I’ll have to create a bunch of alts to level 10 or whatever to get them all!

I was more excited about the Raven than the Crane until I saw it – it’s actually quite a beautiful model with lovely colors and the typical “bird” animations.

Pet Battles

I haven’t written much about pet battles but let’s just say this is probably one of the most fun things I’ve seen in WoW since…well, forever.

After a hard day at WoW “work” (lol) I like to kick back for an hour or so and run around battling creatures in the hopes of snagging a rare pet I don’t have yet.

I don’t bother battling other players and I haven’t done any research on the relative qualities of pet stats/spells to optimize my team.

Rare Pet

Rare Pet

Right now it’s just fun to kill some time and go after those rares, level up some “favorites” and try different team combos without it turning into a “job.”

Main Team

I’ve been running around with this team:

Landro’s Lil’XT
Disgusting Oozeling

For the third slot, I’ve been swapping in whatever might be useful or “fit” the criteria to cover types I might be battling.

I’ve had good luck with the Celestial Dragon, Lil’Deathwing, Lava Crab and surprise! The Fire Beetle can be quite strong in some battles.

I really love my cats and my rare Black Lamb but they are all a little weak.  I might level them up to 25 anyway but they probably aren’t the best choices in “serious” battles.

I haven’t been able to defeat one of the trainers yet.  It’s the one with three whelplings.  First one up was the Emerald Whelpling.  I had Landro’s Lil’XT up first.

That fight went on forever.

Emerald Whelpling would go into the Dream state every few rounds and heal back up to full.  Lil’XT  could also heal so it went back and forth and back and forth without me making any progress.

Poor Lil’XT just couldn’t hit hard enough but eventually I whittled down the Emerald Whelpling and won the battle with only a few hp left.

Next pet the trainer had up was the Crimson Whelpling.

Yeah, that went well.

So…because my pets were all a little below the level of the trainer’s pets, I’m going to have to get them leveled up and perhaps try a different team to beat three whelplings.

Fossilized Hatchling is starting to look good…

Need a Raid

My main Alliance SPriest (US-PvE) needs a raid group, so if you’re looking for ranged dps with a healing off-spec they don’t use, hey!  I’m your priest!

I can raid any evening during the week and anytime on the weekends – yes, I have no life.

Could be bribed into healing if you don’t have tanks who get cranky about dying while I’m learning 😀