MoP Looking for Raid made its debut last night, and I was 2 ilvls short to get in and a couple of hundred VPs short of buying something to bump me over the requirement.

Yeah, 40 min heroic queues so I did a few more quests and ran a couple of scenarios (just in case I also got some gear but I didn’t.)

I got in one heroic with a guildie and I won pants!  Pants I could put a gem in!  Pants that replaced the ones I spent all my VP on yesterday…right.

But scenarios, quests and the heroic scraped up enough VPs to purchase a necklace (think I got the wrong one but whatever) and I squeaked by the LFR requirement.

Queued up and bam!  Right into the 2nd boss obviously after a wipe.  I did see the 1/6 bosses pop up (even though only 3 are available right now) but I figured what the heck.  It was really late and 2 bosses are better than none.

I guess half the healers left so we had about a 20 min wait to stand around.  Then some dps started to leave.  Eventually we got a full raid and proceeded to efficiently wipe.

Learning how to LFR

I admit I only quickly read over the strats.  If someone asked about a fight they would get the usual “there’s a 1000 YouTube videos go watch one.”

Sorry guys.  Unless it’s LearnToRaid or TankSpot I got a news flash for you:

YouTube VIDEOS ARE USELESS.  STOP telling people they will learn the fights by watching YouTube videos!

The only thing you will learn from YouTube is that people do not have a clue how to make a USEFUL video.

Wowcrendor says it best:

My personal favorites are the ones that show an entire fight with the camera swinging around, quality so low you can’t see what game it is, and then a “soundtrack” of some of the dumbest music one could possibly pick recorded at the highest possible volume.

Commentary?  Forget it.  Strategies?  In your dreams.

Forget YouTube “strategy” videos.  Go to LearnToRead then check out Icy-Veins or as I said before, LearnToRaid or Tankspot.

There.  I feel much better now.

How to Win at the New Loot Rules

I had done enough dailies to get a few of the Charms of Good Fortune that gives one an extra shot at loot.

LFR loot is now individual rolls instead of boss drops and group rolls.  It goes something like this:

LFR:  You have killed a boss!  I will roll for you…wait…wait…You won nothing but here’s a bag with some gold in it.  Not enough gold to pay for repairs after 3 wipes, but hey!  Maybe you can buy some veggie seeds with it!

Me:  …..

LFR:  Hey!  I see you have some Charms of Good Fortune!  Would you like to waste a few on a Bonus Roll?

Me:  Sure.  I really need some gear.

LFR:  Okay!  I will roll for you…wait…wait…You won a Bonus Nothing!  Have a few more gold instead!  See you next week!

Me:  *bangs head on keyboard*

So much for Good Fortune…

Oh, and I forgot to add that there is always That Guy in LFR who gets confused that the boss doesn’t drop loop because he hasn’t read patch notes since Vanilla, rages about it for 10 minutes and puts in a ticket.

No one bothers trying to explain anymore.