Ran a few heroics with guildies (yay guildies!) and got a couple of more upgrade pieces with gem slots!

Woohoo!  A belt and helm so one meta gem and one red for the helm, a red for the belt and a red for the belt buckle!

I was really excited until I went to the AH and looked at the “current” gem/belt buckle prices.

Red gems were reasonable so I bought two but meta gems?  Yikes over 3000g and I had less than 1500g.

Current belt buckles were out of my price range as well so I thought I’d be clever and bought the “old” belt buckle.

Turns out my new belt was to high a level for it so yeah…I couldn’t use it so I put it back on the AH…at a loss, of course.

You would think with all those dailies and picking up a few more quests would have me swimming in gold but I got nothing.

I have cloth to sell but that’s about it.  Without mining and/or herbalism Bocat is destined to be poor so I have to get my Rogue out there and start mining.

Oh well.

At least it’s Thanksgiving weekend here so I have an extra day off (except for going to my brother’s house for turkey dinner – sorry WoW, turkey wins that round!)


So instead of thinking up ways to make more gold I decided to finish off the Lorewalkers rep and get my Disc of the Red Flying Cloud because yes, I need to spend more gold on a mount.

I mean really, who doesn’t want to ride around Azeroth on a flying saucer?

I thought Exalted rep with them would give me access to turn in a few of those restored artifacts or something but I guess I need to reach 600 in Archaeology first.

It’s become very clear in MoP that all the professions I neglected – particularly Archaeology and First Aid – are suddenly necessary for certain “rewards.”

I hit the First Aid wall doing dailies for the serpent mount.  One daily has you healing baby serpents with Windwool bandages.

Yeah…I had to level First Aid fast because Priests don’t need bandages.

I was already maxed out in Archaeology up to Cataclysm and figured I could let that one sit for a while until I found a few of those restored artifacts I could turn in for Tol’vir fragments.

Anything that gets me another shot at the Tol’vir Crawling Claw (curse you, Castle of Sand!!) is worth it so I’ll get that shovel out and start digging.

And…I need to get to work on my Horde priest.

I was really, really stupid and dumped her maxed out herbalism/mining for tailoring/enchanting.

Yeah…both of those are about 300.  I should have kept her gathering professions so at least she would make some gold while questing.

No wonder all my characters are poor.