The Second Time Around

After major leveling burnout on my Alli Priest, I took an evening off and caught up on a few quests I missed and found some of the dailies to start that miserable grind.

Yeah, I still have to run dungeons because my gear is horrible but with 40 minute queues I estimate it will take me about 500 years at this rate to gear for LFR.

So much for pushing new raid content.

Oh well.

Went back to leveling my lovely Horde Priest and so far it seems a lot faster/easier the second time around.

I ran into a couple of quest bugs and a stupid Paladin that thought ganking me was fun for a while but eventually I got out of the area he was in and things were relatively quiet.

I was doing a quest just outside of a town when I got a Hunter’s Mark on my head and a Dwarf hunter’s pet came roaring after me so I thought yeah, just kill me so I can finish this quest.

No, I don’t bother fighting back.  I found it’s faster to just let them kill me (since they will anyway) so I’ll just /sit and wait for the inevitable.

Before I could /sit the hunter sent some emotes apologizing and bowing and went on his way.  I guess he was trying for a quest kill and got me by mistake.

I ran into him a couple of times and we left each other alone.  I guess he just wants to get to 90 like me and doesn’t want to waste time with the PvP stuff.

Although questing is going a lot faster right now I still lose time because of PvP, so time-wise it will probably break even at the end.

I might still have a little bit of edge with my Horde Priest since the worst part of leveling was 87-89 and now I know what quests to avoid – and which ones not to skip.