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I hate questing in MoP.

Spent about an hour running around a mountain trying to find one more “obscure” path to get to the flight guy only to be told by guildies that you had to finish the quest chain first.


I think it was when I was killing my 15th wasp to get 6 stingers with only 2 in my bags when I realized I haven’t done this much annoying, frustrating grinding since Outland.

Sorry Mr. NPC, if you want those 6 stingers you better be giving me a lot more than 65,000 experience for it.

After about 5 hours I finally squeaked over into level 87 – yay – three more levels of this “fun-fest” to go and maybe, just maybe I can do a few of runs of the Brewfest boss.

Yup, I can’t even queue for the Brewfest dungeon until level 90.

So far it feels as if MoP has actually regressed quest-wise instead of the hopeful expectation that there would be new, innovative ways to integrate questing with stories that would be fun and entertaining.

Instead we got mind-numbing grinding that brings back memories of grinding Goretusk Livers.  Remember those?  Yeah, that was fun and entertaining.

And more buggy vehicle quests.  Yup, lots of fun flying around on an NPC pushing one button over and over and over.

If I wanted a grind-fest I play one of those other MMOs.  All the “fun” stuff I’m looking forward to doing is at level 90 and I don’t know how I’m going to keep my sanity long enough to get there.

When I quest in MoP, I feel as if I’ve somehow been jerked back in time to the last decade.  Yay! Bring back the 90s!

*bangs head on keyboard*

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