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First of all a Big Announcement:

Crits very own Squishi got Realm First! Level 90 Druid!  Yay Squishi!  You made us proud!

Now go get some sleep!

Back to the boring stuff…

I don’t know why I’m finding leveling such a chore this expansion.  It seems I do a lot of quest “work” and the experience bar doesn’t move much at all.

Ran a few dungeons with guildies and other than the obvious “perk” of gear upgrades they don’t seem to matter much for experience.

I’m just a little into 87 on my Alli priest but I had to start my Horde priest so I spent a couple of hours getting her “started.”

I must say I noticed a big difference between the Alliance and Horde quests.  Sure, a lot are the same (did they take out that ridiculous copter quest right at the start?  or do the Horde not get that one?) but I got a lot farther filling up experience bars in less time.

My Horde priest is a little over halfway to 86 and hasn’t run any dungeons yet.  I assumed she would level slower because of the PvP server but so far so good she’s beating my Alliance priest in the quest time/experience race.

I only saw one Alliance character in a village and he didn’t bother me so I picked up quests fast and got the heck out of there in case he changed his mind.

I don’t know – maybe I just don’t find the quests very interesting or it seems like a lot of work/effort  for very little experience.


I have a couple of months left on my RaF, so I’m trying to figure out how to get my two Horde priests leveled up at the same time – and perhaps a lot faster! – with the RaF experience bonuses in the most cost-effect way.

Both are Horde on different servers – one PvP, one PvE.  I would have to transfer one to the RaF account and the same server.  The RaF account also needs the MoP upgrade so yeah, it could get a little expensive!

On the bright side I’d have two Horde priests at max level ready for action!  I just need to figure out the best way to do the priest shuffle since the RaF is the account that can grant levels.

I just hope there isn’t any math involved…

So…while I’m trying to figure out how to best maximize my RaF time, I got distracted with Pet Battles.

Level 5 White Kitten – be afraid, be very afraid…

I haven’t found any rare pets yet but I did snag an Uncommon Stormwind Rat and an Uncommon Fledgling Buzzard (oh so cute!)

Oh heck – I’ve been grabbing every pet I can.  I lost a couple because I got defeated and you lose your crated pet if you lose so I’ll have to level up my pets more and keep trying.

The only annoying part is always running back to a Stable NPC to heal your pets or wait for the 8 minute cool down.  Come on Blizz – how about some First Aid pet bandages or something for our little battling buddies?

September 2012

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