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It’s nice to be at the top of the food chain.

Sure, those raid monsters can still kill you if you aren’t careful.

We won’t talk about how a certain Shadow Priest forgot to disperse in Heroic DS Ultraxion last week and wiped the raid, or did a mind-boggling 9k on the Heroic DS boat fight stomping out deck fires and wiped the raid.


Where was I?

Oh yes.  You’re max level.  Lowbies look at you in awe and hope that someday, they too will be half the Adventurer you are when they reach max level.

Now when I log in I see the Experience Bar and all the anxiety of questing, killing, professions, dungeons, even the Dreaded Archaeology – anything – anything – to bump that bar up a little more.

It’s agonizingly slow so…

When I rushed home from work ready to continue leveling, I stared at the Character selection screen and I completely lost it.  Something snapped in my head and I diverted from my “plan”, fell into temptation and made my little female Monk Panda with the cute little red tail and a cute hairstyle.

I swear I was only going to create her to use my “reserved” name, do a couple of quests then back to leveling my Priest.

But she was just too cute and well, a couple of hours later I was level 11 or 12 and running to spar with the King in Stormwind.

All my fellow guildies were getting achievements and what-not marching briskly though the leveling process on their way to 90.  Some were getting close to maxing out professions and all the other good stuff.

My ONE Priest was still not quite halfway to level 86.

I wanted to try and get to at least level 86 before I packed it in (yeah, have to work this week) but it was not to be.

I even queued up for a dungeon because the experience from the dungeon itself and dungeon quests were more than what I was getting with regular questing.

I only had two dungeons available to me and I got the Jade one.  I had looked up the strats so I had an idea of what to expect (kill adds, stay out of water and green puddles) so I didn’t do too bad until the last boss.

I stopped to loot something, the tank ran in, pulled the boss, the doors closed and I got shut out.

Luckily for the boss he was able to one-shot me through the door with one of his “special” abilities, so yeah, dead priest.

It was getting close to 2:00 am (my time, not server time) and I still was two bars away from level 86 so I had to quit for the night.

Yup, by Friday everyone will be level 90 and raiding while I’ll still be lost in Jade Forest.

Is there an Achievement for Server Last – Level 90?

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