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I decided to stay up for the MoP launch and try a few of the 85 quests before packing it in (yeah, I’m at work so…)


After the usual “meet and greet” quests, (the Admiral is standing on top of the ship, not in the cabin…doh) I hit the wall with the first “major” quest.

A vehicle quest.

Jump in the copter, kill 60 Horde invaders, some shredders and sink a couple of ships.

Ok, here we go.

You only get one “bomb” button with a long cool down so wait…wait…wait…wait…press key…wait…wait…wait…

I don’t know how many times I circled that stupid island.  I had killed about 47/60 invaders and got 8/8 shredders but no boat.  There were one or two in the water but they didn’t have the usual tooltip so you could see what it was like the invaders and shredders.

Yup, I circled that island forever looking for the ships.  I was ready to quit.  I was beginning to be sorry I bought MoP.  I only had about an hour and I wasted most of it on a stupid vehicle quest.

I kept bombing the invaders while I was looking, and when I hit 60/60 the quest magically shifted to take you to the first ship.


Okay, maybe I missed that in the quest text where you have to kill invaders first.  So…we go to the ship and it takes flipping *forever* to sink it.

It finally goes down and guess what?  We get to do it all over again with another ship.

Wait…wait…wait…press key…wait…wait…wait…press key…wait…wait…wait…bang head on keyboard.

Not an great start to MoP.  I just hope it isn’t another Lich King expansion with stupid, buggy, boring vehicle quests.

After wasting most of my time on that one quest, I only had time to do a couple more before packing it in.

Now can I enjoy the new areas and soak in some quest text for a good story?  Or is there another annoying vehicle quest lurking in the future?

Yeah, I didn’t even have time to create a baby Panda.

But before the release I had a lot of fun running Theramore’s Fall a few more times.  Yes, I know but I really enjoy the Scenario idea.  One run we were all Shadow Priests.  Of course we stomped the place.

No Everlasting Alliance Fireworks but I did get a couple of healer staves…

And good luck to everyone trying to get those server firsts!

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