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In my obsession to obtain a White Wizard Hat for my three level 85 priests (yes, obsession – more later) I ran Theramore’s Fall on the Horde side until Bocat the Second got her hat.

Yes, it took a few hours but then I decided my up-and-coming Horde Priest, Melotacat also had to have the fancy staff and the White Wizard Hat.

So I ran and ran and ran getting nothing but fireworks and sometimes I didn’t even get my flipping fireworks, just a little gold.

Your Group is Ready

At least with the random group composition every run was “brand new” and you never knew what you were getting.  The only thing that was guaranteed for every run was a Warlock.

Sometimes two Warlocks.  Warlocks were everywhere.  They are definitely the “Flavor the of the Month!”

And of course, there is the full range of players – the good, the bad, and the “just shake your head because there is no word for it on this planet.”

We had the hunter that decided he was aiming (pun intended) to be the perfect Hunter stereotype and pulled the entire instance with his pet on growl.

We had the hunter who used his pet and traps so efficiently it cut the run time down by half.

We had the melee Priest, the AoE everything Warlock, chain-pulling Bear (I got the staff after that run), the “They Can’t Possibly See Me in Stealth” Rogue just to name a few memorable fellow Adventurers.

We even had the “I think we can kill Jania and the Dragon” Warrior who decided to tank two 6 million hit point NPCs – all by himself in mostly blue gear.

A few times someone would quit right at the start so there would be just two of us but it can be done.

Solo Opportunity

One time we had started with three players and after the first boat one “disappeared” and the second player was still in the group but not in the instance.

I wasn’t sure whether it was “griefing” or something else, but I couldn’t kick them and I couldn’t queue for more players.

I wanted that stupid hat and didn’t want to “waste” a queue so I decided to try and solo the thing.

It was painful and it hurt a lot.  I died twice and it took me about half an hour but I did it.  I even got the guild 250g for a “Guild Challenge.”  I had a 65g repair bill. All I got for my effort were the flipping fireworks.   I wouldn’t recommend it for squishy classes, but it can be done.

Soloing Theramore's Fall

Soloing Theramore’s Fall

The Best Priest of All

No, it’s not me.

One of the last “Hat” runs I did Saturday night zoned me in with a Warlock (surprise!) and a Disc Priest.

I thought “Yeah, squishy-fest” but was I in for a surprise.

The Disc Priest took the lead and we stomped the place in the record time.  This priest used every talent, spell and trick in the book in ways I’ve never seen before.

No exploits, no “hacking” – just taking all the regular stuff we Priests get, using it creatively and thinking out of the box.

It was the most brilliant use of “Priesting” I’ve ever seen.

After the run (yay more fireworks!) I figured this amazing Priest was probably all decked out in the latest Heroic gear or a Gladiator champion or something, so I looked her up on the Armory.

She had mostly blue gear, a few purple rep pieces and two PvP pieces of gear.

This is exactly the “combination” of gear that would get one kicked right away from a dungeon or LFR by those who gear check every PuG.

But it would be their loss.

This amazing Disc Priest was a reminder that it’s not all about gear.

Sure, it’s entirely possible this person has a decked-out character or Gladiator somewhere, but she did what she did with a little under-geared Priest.

All the people who whine that the game is “too easy” or “class x is under/over powered” should take a lesson from someone like this priest.

You can sit in your “comfort zone”, wait to be spoon-fed and complain or you can take what you’ve been given, be a little creative and push it to the next level.

Thank you, Amazing Disc Priest.  You’re an inspiration and a reminder of what true “mastering” a game is all about.

I tip my White Wizard Hat to you.

Yes, I finally got one – and 3 healing staves, 2 Blue Wizard Hats, 2 Everlasting Horde Fireworks (yeah, unique so I had to delete one), over 300 fireworks and enough Embersilk Cloth to finish up the last few points for Tailoring and Enchanting.

Theramore Spoils

Theramore Spoils

I don’t think I ever want to see Theramore again.

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