Our “preview” look at what the new Scenarios will be like in MoP – eeek just a few days away!

I won’t give an analysis or heck, even an opinion about how Theramore’s Fall works (or doesn’t work) lore-wise because my fellow blogger Tyler Edwards knows his lore and does it so much better!

I will instead talk about the more pressing issues Theramore’s Fall (and scenarios in general) have brought up after running it over and over and over with a couple of my Priests and my Rogue:

  1. Is Theramore’s Fall (and by extension, future scenarios) a decent vehicle to showcase my Priest’s awesomeness?
  2. Will the rewards (now and in the future) be special enough for transmog purposes?

Actually, Question 1 is what I find really interesting about scenarios.  No “holy trinity” of tank, heals and dps.

Who’s the tank?

You get what you get – three (sometimes two) random classes and frankly, having to deal with the unexpected is fun, refreshing and more often than not, challenging.

Sometimes you quickly look at the classes zoned in with you and tacitly make decisions about who’s going to tank.

Warrior dps?  You have a sword.  Sorry, you are now the tank.

Warlock?  You have demons.  Sorry, you are now the tank.

Mage?  Well, you’re a Mage.  Sorry, you are now the tank.

My Rogue is the only melee class with two casters?  Ooops, guess I’m the tank (that went well.)

More than half the time I was the only Priest so it was “Shadow Priest?  You have healing spells so you’re the heals.”

One time – it could have been a fluke – there was just my Priest and a Warlock.  That was a little bit of a wipe fest with just the two of us squishy caster types, but taking turns “tanking” got us through it.  We even had a good laugh about it at the end.

I have to admit – healing AND dpsing at the same time was a blast.  After a few times I even set up my Vuhdo grid (usually turned off when Shadow) to use my few meager healing spells quickly so I could get a few Mind Blasts off between Prayers of Mending.

Oh boy, did I run out of Mana!

And yes, sometimes we wiped.

Three characters in Raid-quality gear wiping because the Mage hadn’t figured out how to tank yet or I forgot to use a healing spell because I was “busy” Mind Flaying that Elite.

It can be a humbling experience because it’s not always a guaranteed lolfaceroll.

Healing and dpsing?  Yes, it’s a definite showcase for my Priest awesomeness even if it’s only a personal challenge to top the dps charts and keep everyone alive while doing it!

Rogue tanking needs a little work…

I think it’s exactly what it was advertised to be – fast and fun.  Something to do for a few extra points with anyone you want regardless of class or spec.


The rewards are apparently just a “one time deal” before MoP, so if there is something you want get it now!

I know there’s been a bit of a backlash because it wasn’t communicated properly that this wasn’t a pre-launch event, but I’m not particularly disappointed.

Alliance gets a tabard with an on-use Theramore banner, and Horde get a bomb.  The other drops are like Holiday bosses – you get a chance at a purple item.

I wanted the Staff and the white wizard hat for my Priest for transmog.  White Wizard Hat??? Hell yes!

I got nothing except fireworks run after run, but last night I really lucked out and got 3 items in 4 runs – my staff, my white hat and a blue hat.

Theramore Goodies

Theramore Goodies

My Horde Druid got the polearm and my Rogue got a dagger.

I would really like one of the helms for my Rogue, so I might brush up on my Rogue “tanking” and run a few more.

If the Scenarios are this much fun in MoP, I think I’m going to enjoy them – a lot!