We all know I’m horrible with Math.  If you don’t know, this should explain it.

Ah, I remember the good old days at university.  I actually started majoring in Computer Science and was a promising programmer.

Unfortunately, a degree in Computer Science required five Math classes – the first was something about rotating vectors in 3D space.

Yes, that went well.  Yes indeed.

I don’t have any proof, but I heard a rumor that the Faculty of Mathematics threw a huge party with balloons, confetti and lots of chocolate when I switched majors to Fine Arts.

Then we come to WoW, where everyone knows game play is nothing but cheesing the numbers.

So how can a Math-challenged numbskull like me ever hope to improve their DPS without understanding all the nuances of how the numbers work?

Heck, I need a Tutor in Basic Math to help me with reforging never mind trying to decipher what SimCraft is telling me.

Elitist Jerks?  HAHAHAHAHA!

Oops…excuse me.  Conditioned response.

The answer is simple.

We can’t.

I had a lot of questions and the answers were out there but I couldn’t understand “the co-efficient of spell blah blah blah” that SimCrafted into an optimal priority structure.

Sure, I could follow the “basic” spell priorities but with the nature of RNG, procs, talent choices, etc. sometimes the priority system is not always the best option.

I thought all was lost.  I would never get any better because Math was always the barrier between me and smoking hot DPS.

Until a WoW Angel (Lyssi!) sent me to this article Holy Word: Delicious: Shadow And The Contraint Model Of DPS.

As I read the article the Heavens opened, the Light of Elune shone down upon me, and a chorus of Draenei sang “Halleluiah!”

Well, not really but now I get it.

This is something I can work with and understand.  It makes perfect sense to me.

Yeah, I still need a Basic Math Tutor to get the reforging under control, but hey – even I can take Math in small doses.