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I have so many priests to get ready for MoP I need an assistant to keep track of everything.

Bocat the First

My favorite main Alliance priest has a bunch of JPs to burn on BoA gear so I’ve been making guesses at what I might need for alts in MoP.

Already got the new Agility Staff so…I might need another set of BoA Agility leather depending on who has what and where it is across a few servers.

Other than JPs, I think she’s ready to start leveling up on the Big Day.

I’ve been playing around with reforging her gear which is extremely challenging for me since I’m not a “numbers” person and get totally confused trying to figure out what percentage on one thing is a decimal point in another.

To make things worse, Wowreforge wanted to reforge my gear so my Hit was over 18%…really?  The “regular” Hit cap was 17% and the new Hit is down to 15% so…I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t know the “number stuff” well enough to plug in new values.

Mr. Robot wants to reforge my Hit to 15% but then it looks like my Haste takes a dive, and from reading the Shadow Priest stuff Crit might be making a comeback.

Yeah, I need help.  I look at a wall of numbers and my brain starts to shut down.  I could make more sense of it if it was written in Martian.  Yes, I’m THAT bad with Math.

Bocat the Second

My lovely BE Horde (former Alliance) raced up to 85 and transferred over to “replace” my Druid.  No gear other than quest gear, not much gold, no BoAs and no crafting professions.

Yes, she’s been a bit of a challenge but on the bright side I’ve had to push aside my “dungeonitis” and force myself to run randoms/heroics/HoT/LFR – the whole dungeon “experience” – to get her at least reasonably geared.

I finally bit the bullet and dumped her gathering professions (Druid has them maxed out anyway) and picked up Tailoring and Enchanting.

Yeah, I know – boring but what can you do?  Cloth prices on the server are totally outrageous so I spent an exciting day farming instances (PvP server so…) for Wool, Silk and Mageweave cloth.

I’m still short a bunch of Mageweave and Silk, and at about 20g a stack on the server it looks like I’ll be doing more cloth farming tonight…yay.

At least disenchanting all the garbage I have to make to level up Tailoring keeps the cost of Enchanting down for the moment.  I think I remember hitting the Enchanting wall at some point and it cost a fortune to get a meager two or three skill points.

This one needs an advantage because she’ll be trying to level to 90 on PvP server, and I’m horrible at PvP.


My Horde BE Priest-In-Waiting.  She’s on a PvE server, has reasonable gear ilvl 387, almost maxed out Tailoring/Enchanting (yikes better finish those up!) and is pretty much ready to go.

Except she has no where to go.

I’m hoping to have at least one raiding priest for MoP, so if she gets a shot at raiding I’ll server transfer/faction change if necessary – she can go where the action is!

Since she’s on a Normal server I expect I can get her to 90 fairly quickly with the other two priests.

I considered clearing up a spot on my usual server for her so she could transfer and have access to some of the “stuff” other characters have got, but the only character that seemed suitable for deleting to make room was my level 43 Paladin.

Yes, I even went as far as sending her BoAs to my main for safekeeping, clearing out her bags, sending stuff to my Rogue to disenchant, etc., etc.

But when I was ready to hit that Delete Character button…well, I just didn’t have the heart to do it.

So I’m keeping her for now.  After all, she’s my baby Paladin.

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