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Thanks to Lyssi my priest now officially has pants – lovely tailored epic pants complete with gems and enchants!

And shoes! Boss-stomping, Alliance-kicking epic shoes!  (yeah, I know but she’s a BE on a PvP server so…)

With my new pants and shoes I only had to run one last Cata Heroic (got Blackrock Caverns) for the JPs to upgrade my “green” weapon with an epic Wand and bam!  I’m queuing for HoT.

I entirely skipped Heroic Grim Batol!

I only had time to ran the first “parts” of HoT up to the Thrall escort part once but wow did I luck out and got some smoking good upgrades!

On the downside everything will be obsolete in a few days, but on the upside just about everyone in my groups already had all the gear they needed (mostly there for achieves) so I was winning everything left and right.

  • Cowl of Highborne Sorcerors
  • Robes of Fate
  • Archivist’s Gloves
  • Historian’s Sash
  • Orb of the First Satyrs

All of those upgrades opened up Looking for Loot although it was getting much too late to queue up for it.

Anyway, I probably shouldn’t attempt LFR until I have a few gems and enchants to go with my new gear and do some serious reforging (I’m waaaay over the hit cap!)

I’ve still got “blue” shoulders, rings and trinkets.  I’ll be able to get enough JPs to buy a ring and maybe a trinket, but shoulders are going to be a big problem.

I only have two shots at LFR until MoP and the odds of me getting shoulders are pretty low – if non-existent.

I think I can run HoT/End Time once a day and with two bosses dropping shoulders, I might get lucky.

I also realized that I haven’t done *anything* in Deepholm so I don’t have access to the shoulder enchant.  I can probably get through enough of it to at least get the lesser enchant – better than nothing at all!  (Kicks self for not finishing up Deepholm while still on a PvE server.)

Oh well.

The more “stuff” I have before MoP the better equipped I’ll be to get through the leveling process even though it’s always painful to replace all your epic gear with quest greens.

Character Evaluations

In preparation for MoP, I’ve been looking over my characters and wondering what to do with the ones I don’t play much anymore.  They are eating up slots on Winterhoof that I would like to have for a Panda or two.

The sad part is most are in the level 70 range which seems to high to just delete them, and they all have professions leveled up to their character level so I hate to throw that away.

I could move them over to my second account but yikes that would start costing a lot of real money.

I guess there’s no rush to do anything at the moment – I can still squeeze in two more when we get the 11th character slot.

I did do a count of my Priests and here’s what I got:

85 Bocat – Alliance
85 Bocat – Horde
85 Melotacat – Horde

60 Catniptoy – Horde

23 Bocat – Horde
25 Bokat – Alliance (RaF)

Yup, I might need that Priest intervention after all…

September 2012

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