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The on-going treadmill of running dungeons to get my priest some gear.

Run dungeons, hope for gear upgrades, run to the VP (now JP) vendor to buy something when I have enough points, rage because the AH doesn’t have the gems/enchants I need, start all over.

I also noticed something very significant with my priest that reminded me of my rogue – there are NO PANTS in this game!

What is the problem with finding pants in this game?  My rogue is wearing old blue pants, my priest is wearing quest green pants – GREEN PANTS!


I’ve even been checking the AH just in case there’s a BoE pair of pants that’s an upgrade from what my poor pant-less characters are wearing.

I finally found Sunderfury’s Sundries at the AH and bought them.  Of course, there was not one intellect gem at the AH and no enchants.

I don’t have crafting professions yet but I’m already missing my Tailoring embroidery so I might try to get that leveled up.  I suppose I should take Enchanting with it but ugh…Enchanting is a major pain to level up.  If I remember correctly I needed about 50,000 Strange Dust at one point.

But I digress.

I parked myself at the VP/JP vendors and ran randoms.  I finally got that one last ilvl point I needed for heroics but not before my favorite dungeon of all time:

Grim Batol

Grim Batol

Luckily it’s stupidly easy in normal, and so far I’ve avoided it in heroics although we know that won’t last.

Heroic: Blackrock Caverns

After waiting in queue for about 20 minutes, the first Heroic I got was Blackrock Caverns.  I zoned in at a bunch of ghosts running in from who knows how many attempts at Corla.

No one knew how to stand in the beams and more importantly, no one interrupted her Dark Commands.  We had a couple of classes in there with interrupts (this is why priests NEED an interrupt!!) and I explained the fight and when *someone* should use an interrupt, but alas, no one listened or interrupted and we wiped.

I ran back in and everyone had left, but I was queued in the dungeon finder for a group to finish so I thought what the heck, I’m here and I don’t need another 20 minute wait.

So…20 minutes later we get a group, finish the dungeon easily and I win the Kibble ring (upgrade!) so it was worth it.

Heroic Blackrock Caverns

Heroic Blackrock Caverns

I know, I should have quit then but I was only a few JPs away from buying a nice 397 pair of bracers, so against my better judgement I queued for another heroic.

And ran smack into Mr. Achievement.

Mr. Achievement

Now, we all know that if someone in a PuG starts yapping about achievements that usually ends with a swift kick out of the group.

Unfortunately, Mr. Achievement was the tank, and after waiting *forever* for a tank, well, one just has to go along or wait another 30 minutes.

First thing he said was “Tonight we will be going for two Achievements” and linked the Achievements he wanted.

It was Heroic SFK, so off we went to try the achievement for the first boss.  That didn’t end well and no achievement, so we kept on going and managed to get the second achievement.

Heroic SFK

Heroic SFK

Everyone said their thanks and left group.

I decided to take a little break and see if anyone put up intellect gems or enchants at the AH.  Nothing, so I queued for another dungeon.

Heroic Deadmines

Okay, so this dungeon takes longer than most but fortunately it was in progress and I zoned in at the start of the Worgen boss.

First thing tank said is “Tonight we will be going for two Achievements” and link the achievements.

What??  Have I stepped into the Twilight Zone?

Apparently not – I checked the tank’s name and sure enough, it was Mr. Achievement.

What are the odds?

So that fight went well, but we almost wiped at Cookie because no was was eating the good food/bad food except me and the tank.

Things went downhill after that – for me anyways.  During the dream stage I got dropped right into the fire and died before I could get out.

That worked out after all, because by the time I ran back (omg what a long run!) the tank had his achievements and the dungeon was over.

Deadmines Achievement

Deadmines Achievement

It was getting late so I decided to quit for the night.

I hope Mr. Achievement got all the achievements he wanted – if not, I might see him again tonight!

Yes, I’ll be doing it all over again tonight since I have to find a replacement for that lovely green staff…

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