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Ah…I feel SO much better!

After spending some time practicing with my poor Druid and getting nowhere, I decided to bite the bullet and just transfer my level 85 priest over.

So…an hour later I’m agonizing over the character creation screen to make my new Blood Elf shadow priest (she was Alliance) look amazing and not exactly like all my other baby Blood Elf shadow priests.

Since this character was created on essentially a random server just for something to do, she doesn’t have any BoAs or heck, she doesn’t have much at all.

The best thing she does have though, was the opportunity to replace her randomly-generated name to something more suitable – quite a nice surprise since I wasn’t sure if a name change was an included “option” or if I was stuck with it assuming it was available on the server.

But regardless of whatever reason, I had a chance to change the name so I did – do I have to tell anyone what I picked?  Haha!

After I checked all her bags/bank to make sure everything she had transferred properly, I queued her up for some dungeons to start getting her geared up.

Her ilvl only let her into a few Cata normals but after about 3 dungeons I had enough gear upgrades to open all the normals and I’m only a few ilvls away from heroics.

What’s really sad is that even with her mostly crappy quest greens and a few dungeon blues, she’s matching or out-dpsing my Druid.

I also lucked out last night and got into a group with a tank that had just come back to the game after a long break and was “re-learning” tanking with Cata normals.

He was actually one of the best tanks I’ve seen in a PuG so when he asked if anyone wanted to run a few more I said “Hell yes!”

Nice group, great tank, decent dps so we burned through a bunch of dungeons and had a fun time.

I won just about everything I wanted as for most of the runs I was the only clothie in the group.

If only they were all like that I’d be geared up in no time!

Now I need to figure out what professions I would like (she currently has herbalism and mining) and keep running dungeons until I can get into Looking for Loot.

It just seems all soooo much better with a Shadow Priest!

As a side note, I ran Looking for Loot with my rogue and got the same shoulders I don’t need as I got last week.

Yeah, she still has no pants…

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