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My Big Mouth Shut!

Well, we were going to do BWD but that was a no-go so to make a long story short a few of us decided to run a dungeon to help a guildie get some gear.

We were one dps over so someone asked?  suggested?  that I heal it.

Yeah, I opened my Big Mouth and said, “SURE!  HOW HARD COULD IT BE???  WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG????”

So we queued and got Deadmines.  I don’t know if it was heroic or not – I don’t think it would have made any difference.

It was a flipping disaster – my healing, that is.  It started out not to bad but it didn’t take long for damage coming in to get out of my healing control.   Good thing just about all classes have a bit of self-healing because with me as the healer they sure needed it!

I think at one point someone was very happy they brought bandages…

And of course I died three times standing in bad stuff or blown up because I had my eyes glued to my Vuhdo grid watching everyone’s health drop like stones and frantically pushing buttons and wondering why no one was getting healed.

I guess I missed that big, friendly red text Blizzard flashes across the screen “Not Enough Mana.”

Yup – I completely ran out of mana – several times.  I haven’t run out of mana since…I can’t even remember the last time my mana was completely drained.  Heck, even on the DS fight with the Mana Void I can scrape up enough to help destroy the thing.

By the time we were done – thank goodness we had a Paladin tank who could rez me after I missed clicking the rope and plunged to my death – my hands were shaking.

I think the rogue put out more HPS with Recuperate than I did with an entire arsenal of healing spells.

So…who needs a Raid Healer?

Update:  Had an unexpected visitor in Dalaran tonight…



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