No, I don’t have the Confession glyph yet for my Priest (is it even available until MoP?)

I just can’t hide it any longer, so in the interest of transparency I have to confess something that has been nagging at me since the Patch dropped.

My Balance Druid is worse than my Rogue.

There.  I said it.  I can no longer live under the delusion that I can play my Druid.

While switching to Assassination has helped my rogue quite a bit, my Druid choices are limited to Bear, Tree, Cat and Boomkin.

Heals?  Well, we all know that’s iffy at best.  Tank?  HAHAHAHAHA!

So that leaves Melee and Ranged.

With the exception of my Rogue, melee has always been “uncomfortable” for me.  I actually rolled a Warrior once and she lasted all the way to level 10 before I deleted her.

I have a Paladin stuck at level 43 because, well…it’s melee.

Everything else I have is ranged, so Boomkin is the obvious choice for my Druid.

Except I can’t play it.  I don’t know why I have such a mental block with the Eclipse mechanic.  I thought the Talent changes would simplify the theory enough for me to get going with it.

I was wrong.

I took myself to the MF “testing” ground and promptly died 5 times at Sethria’s Roost.  Heck, I even died a few times doing the other dailies because apparently I kept using some AoE spell that aggroed everything within a 20 mile radius.

Yup, I died more on my Druid than my Rogue.

I was so bad that a few Alliance characters there helped me instead of killing me – on a PvP server.  I guess they figured if they waited long enough I’d just kill myself and save them a global cooldown.

So…I’ve been reading up the “beginner” stuff at Ice-Veins, the very informative (but a little confusing) Patch 5.04 Survival at Grey Matter, and whatever else I can find that looks useful.

I’m getting a little better at understanding what’s going on with the Eclipse states and I found an addon or two to track the DoTs.

But wow, my dps has only improved from Non-existent all the up to Dismal.

Fortunately I’ve been “carried” through a couple of DS runs and got some smoking good gear upgrades and enough VP to replace some lovely green items.

I was also given some enchants but since my Druid hasn’t been “working” much I’ve only got about 1300g, so I’m adding gems one at a time.

The gear upgrades did actually improve my dps so that’s encouraging.  I still have a few things to figure out with the Eclipse mechanic – is it just me or does Wrath/Starfire hit like wet noodles?

If it’s Starfire…yeah, part of the problem is I don’t know all the spells well enough to automatically use what I’m supposed to without having to think about it first.

I assume that will come with practice and wow, do I have to practice!  I might have to run some dungeons and Looking for Loot – yes, I will be the PuG from Hell!

To make things even worse, we ran Spine and Deathwing last night and I won the Reins of the Blazing Drake.

Reins of the Blazing Drake

Reins of the Blazing Drake

Yup – the only “raid” mount drop I’ve ever really wanted and there it was – my beautiful pink dragon (okay, I know it’s not really pink but close counts!)

Yes, I feel guilty because I don’t know how to play the Druid, my dps stinks and I couldn’t even use a Tranquility in time because I didn’t have it on my bars.  I was a total failure.

Yes, I feel guilty.

Yes, I am now motivated to get this right.  I still have a couple of weeks before MoP launches, and if I really, honestly can’t get up to speed I will transfer my lovely Shadow Priest.

Blazing Drake

Blazing Drake

I will no longer be out-dpsed by the healer!  HaHa!

Yeah, maybe I better transfer over that Shadow Priest…

Rogue Update:  No, my rogue still doesn’t have pants.  Ran Part 1 of Looking for Loot last night and my Rogue was a steady “10th” on the Recount dps list.  Not stellar but encouraging.

I actually won a piece of gear – shoulders but I have the Tier shoulders so…no pants.

Interestingly enough, the consistent top dps of the group hitting around 50k+ was a Rogue – an Assassination Rogue!  Probably been playing a Rogue since Vanilla Beta and geared out the max, but it was good to see that big numbers are attainable – a concrete goal to work towards.

I checked Recount for his/her top 3 attacks for a couple of fights and they were Deadly Poison, Melee and Envenom.

Mine were Deadly Poison, Melee and Deadly Poison.

Yeah…I’m missing something but heck – I like having goals!