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The Alliance Fashion Police are coming for you…

Reviewing Orgrimmar Fashions

Reviewing Orgrimmar Fashions

So what do you do when *someone* (no, not me) gets glitched in a bubble?

Why, you hop on your Touring Rocket and grab another Fashion Consultant to check out the latest transmog styles in Orgrimmar.

Forget the old “If it’s Red it’s Dead” baloney.

These days it’s “If it can’t match simple colors and “style” isn’t in it’s vocabulary Then it’s Dead.”

Sorry Horde, your fashion sense looks like you bought it from the DMF food vendor.

And no, I’m not going to Duel a Horde dressed in an outfit that looks like a circus clown reject.

Fortunately the Horde have a couple of weeks left to fix those transmogs before MoP is released.

We’ll be back…

Safety tip:  Don’t walk up to a level 90 Guard and tell him his outfit is sooo last season.

Patch News:

Got most of my addons working except Bartender4 seems to have issues.  At the DMF none of the game controls worked.  I had to shut it off to play the games.

I also ran my rogue through Looking for Loot (she needs pants) and zoned in for the last two bosses in Part 1.  No loot box came up for a roll so I wonder if that’s another Bartender4 problem.

Altoholic is giving a few errors and Mogit hasn’t been updated yet.

My fishing cast bar also disappeared so I looked that up and found out that if you have the spell on your bars, you need to replace it with the “new” one in the spell book.  One more problem solved!

Shadow Priest

Power Auras has a brand new “test” version but geez, I fiddled around with it for an hour and never got anything working properly (the new UI is crazy) so I ditched it and got Shadow Priest DoT Timers.

OMG Shadow Priest DoT Timers – where have you been all my life?  It works perfectly right out of the box except I couldn’t find a way to show when my SF was off cool down, so I had to find ANOTHER addon to do just that one thing.

I spent some time at the practice dummies to get used to the new SP spell stuff and it isn’t too bad at all.  I really miss the DP instant cast but I guess SW:P is the “new” instant.  Not quite as good but what can you do.

I think my dps might even improve a little once I get rocking with the new stuff.  I forget what I was doing but I got an 80k crit – 80k!  How come that only happens when I’m doing daily quest stuff and not a raid?


No, I’m not giving up on my Rogue.  I re-speced into Assassination – something I’ve never tried before – and I’m loving it!

I picked up yet another addon to track Rogue stuff and it helps a lot.  I’m getting a more steady 18k-20k dps once I get rolling.

I have the “basic” rotation down that I got from Icy-Veins.  I’m just not to sure what to do when I get  procs, so I’ve been playing it like a Shadow Priest.  If I get a proc, I’ll refresh my S&D and Rupture.  And of course if a button lights up, mash it!

I haven’t found any current info yet on exactly how to play this so we’ll go with the SP style for now.  After all, I’m used to it.

Once I felt confident with my new Rogue spec, I went to do the MF dailies at Sethria’s Roost and promptly got killed.


On the bright side, I got to bring my Rogue to a “fun” DS raid and got some great gear upgrades and a shiny new dagger!

Yeah, I fell off the platform but I got some Achievements!

Stood in the Fire

Stood in the Fire

Fall of Deathwing

Fall of Deathwing

Who ever thought I’d have a Raiding Rogue? I wonder when Paragon is going to call…

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