Yes, I have Ravens!  They only last half a second but if you don’t blink you can see them!

Picked up the new Spriest talents then hit the target dummies.

Apparently I can’t hit the side of a barn if I’m standing right in front of it because I’m missing 5 hits in a row for every one I actually hit.

Reforged my gear from hit to crit for the new hit cap, and I still can’t hit the side of a barn.

The patch guides aren’t very useful because they all include a spell that no one gets until level 90.

Yeah, so what are we supposed to do until 90?

Addons are broken so lots of errors.  Got a few addons updated but I suppose it will be a week or so before everything is updated.

Absolutely love the shared mounts and pets – yes, the Sea Turtle looks like it’s shared after all, and my baby level 22 Priest is riding around on the Raven Lord.

Loving the patch so far.

Now, if only I could hit something…