We knew it was coming and my Shadow Priest anxiety has reached more epic levels than any raid gear.

I don’t know what I’ll find when I log in tonight or what talents to pick.  Heck, I don’t even know what my new spell priorities look like, or how I’m going to practice because all my addons will be broken.

Yeah, lots of reading to do.

I also had quite a shocker yesterday.  My Horde buddies were running a few heroics to gear up some guildies so I took my Druid out for a spin.  Yes, she was still wearing the BoA helm.

First dungeon…omg I forgot how to play Balance.  I forgot mushrooms.  I forgot I had the roots thing.  I also forgot I had Battle Res.

I also forgot a bunch of other stuff that I forget.

But why worry about what you forgot when you pumping out an amazing 5k dps?

I’m not worried about the patch today with my Druid because since I forgot everything about playing it anyway, I’m starting back at square one.

I mean really, could it get any worse?  (No, don’t answer that.)

I also took advantage of the recent WoW sales and bought up all the stuff to Cata, RaF’d myself and made a second account.

When the restrictions were lifted, the big question was what to create, what race, what class?

After some careful thought and a few agonizing decisions I decided to be completely radical and created a Draenei Priest named Bokat.

But she’s a Disc priest!

Good news – I get to mail her a full set of BoAs, bags, gold and everything she needs to get started.

The bad news – paid mounts (and pets) are only for one account and I don’t want to buy more for this account so my poor baby priest will be stuck with a dreaded Elekk until she has the rep to get something decent.

I love playing a brand-new character.  I leveled to 10 then decided to level to 15 with just battlegrounds and practice up healing.

Low level battlegrounds are amazing fun even though a couple of times we were graveyard camped by the Horde.

In an astonishing turn-about, we actually had one battleground where we graveyard camped the Horde!

Camping Horde

Camping Horde

Yeah, payback is a you-know-what.

I was also top heals most of the time which made me think I was Queen of Healing (with my 3 healing spells) and I actually remembered to use my PvP trinket against those nasty rogues.

Warsong Gulch

Warsong Gulch

I only queued for Warsong because I really don’t like the other one – forgot the name but at level 10 you only have two choices.

I had great fun, dinged level 15 in no time and then switched to dungeons.

Yes, I queued as healer.  With my now 4 big healing spells and just about everyone in BoAs dungeons were a blast.

If only it was this much fun all the way through to level 85.  By about level 40 or 50 I’ve always chickened out and switched to Shadow, but with the patch today I might just keep her as Disc and see if I can learn to heal again from the ground up.

Just a little big of silly fun to ease the stress of re-learning Shadow.