Ah, the pre-expansion blues…what to do, what to do.

No panic to get my priest to 85 anymore, so I turned to my rogue and actually soloed my way through the Molten Front dailies without dying (well, I died once but it wasn’t at Sethria’s Roost so it doesn’t count.)

Then with the help of some guildies (and some advice) I made it through a HoT and actually doubled my dps.  Yeah, I still made some mistakes but I feel better about it and think I could actually queue for a dungeon or two.

We just won’t talk about how I died standing in the purple goo (yes, I forgot I was melee) and how I forgot to use Sprint to get to Queen what-her-face for the interrupt and wiped the group.  It’s also a good idea to turn off Blade Fury if you don’t need it.  Killing Spree?  What’s that?

Yeah, let’s talk about something else.

On the bright side I got a very nice Axe upgrade to replace the Tankard of Terror I was using.  Yup, that was the best weapon I had.  Twenty more ilvls and I can queue for LFD.

Other than a few rogue boo-boos I had a pretty good WoW weekend.  Got to bring my priest to a DS raid with kings of the alliance – really nice group of people so that was bonus fun.  Thanks guys!

It was a lot of fun to do some raiding even though I still suck at the boat and spine fights.  Anyone need a mediocre Shadow Priest who sucks for some hard-core progression raiding in MoP?  Umm…I’m really good at fishing!

I had a Tol Barad Victory quest in my quest log forever, so when I was doing the TB dailies to get enough points for the last mount I need from them, a TB battle was up in a few minutes so I queued for that and we won.

It was actually fun.  I had a one-on-one “death” match with a boomkin that seemed to go on forever (stupid hurricane) but I managed to kill the guy twice – dispersion FTW!

And never underestimate the “bonus” of using Mind Control on a Hordie.  For some reason it always makes me giggle.

Other than that I just kicked around with dailies and spent a few exciting hours mining with my rogue to get enough gold for Artisan Riding.

Never did get enough gold so I sent some from my priest to make up the difference and now she’s broke.

Guess she’ll be farming cloth and making bags to sell until MoP.

Another transmog contest is coming up on our server so I’m working on an outfit for my rogue.  I have nice head, chest and boots slots but I just can’t find any pants…