Ah, don’t you hate how real life has a way of interfering with your game time?

I’m moving in a couple of weeks so I might not be around in-game much and thus have nothing to write about.

Apologies if I signed up for a raid and then couldn’t make it – sometimes real estate people show up without any notice and I have to drop everything.

I won’t be signing up for anything until everything is settled by the end July.

I was lucky to find a really nice place – new appliances, lots of room and I can keep my cats!

It also has something new and strange I’ve never had before – a dishwasher!

Up until now the only “dishwasher” I had room for was me and a kitchen sink.  I’ve heard rumors that you can put a bunch of dishes and stuff in it, close the door, push a button, some magic happens and the dishes are clean!

Of course I won’t believe it until I see it.

Yes, it’s true – I’m the only person on the planet that has never had a dishwasher.

I’ll probably forget I have it and still wash dishes the “analogue” way.

I’ve already arranged for the internet hook up (I have my priorities straight) so all that’s left to do is move, set up my computers and find a suitable location for the litter boxes.

I might be playing sporadically the next couple of weeks but should be back to regularly scheduled gaming before the end of July.