I’ve been fretting over one of the last Achievements I need to finish off What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been – Torch Juggler.


I also needed 200 blossoms to purchase the sandals for the Burning Hot Pole Dance.  I had bought the rest of the costume last year so it’s been gathering dust in my bank waiting for this big moment.

I spent a couple of hours flying around honoring flames and desecrating Horde bonfires (those are worth 10 blossoms so worth a side trip.)

I finally had enough to get the sandals and buy a few torches.  I went to Dalaran and on the advice of a guildie, found a sewer corner with a low ceiling but was still marked “Dalaran” on the mini-map.

Keybound the torches, tilted the camera face-down and spam-keyed/clicked my way into…nothing.

The most I got were about 28 in 15 seconds, a far cry from the 40 needed for the achievement.

I tried several more times until my fingers started to hurt and I was getting slower instead of faster.  Yeah, I guess I’m getting old.

So…Juggler addon to the rescue!

Instead of pushing keys/mouse clicks just roll the mouse wheel back and forth and voila!  I got the achievement with one second to spare the first try!

Torch Juggler

Torch Juggler

I was feeling pretty confident so I went back to Stormwind and tried the Juggling quest to catch four torches.

Yeah, that wasn’t happening so I abandoned the quest, equipped my “outfit”, did the pole dance and got my Achievements.

What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been

What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

I couldn’t run fast enough to a mailbox to get my Violet Proto-Drake.

Violet Proto-Drake

Violet Proto-Drake

I sure hope this mount will be account-bound in MoP – I don’t think I’d ever want to do this again with another character, especially those horrible battleground achievements for Children’s Week.

Now, if only I could get Lord Ahune to drop that stupid pet in my satchel…

Dead Again

It’s nice to know that I can be the first one dead regardless of whether or not I’m raiding on the Alliance or Horde side…

First one dead

First one dead