This is my big chance to finish off the last two achievements I need to get the Violet Proto-Drake!

All I need are sandals for the Burning Hot Pole Dance and Torch Juggler.

Don’t know how long it will take me to get 200 blossoms for the sandals, but the one that worries me is Torch Juggler.

I’ve failed miserably at that one previous years, so this year I’ve read the strats, watched the videos and will even use an addon if I have to just to get the thing done!

I’ve slowed down a lot with Diablo III, and the recent patch isn’t very encouraging with the increased repair costs.

I don’t mind banging my head on the keyboard and dying several times to beat a blue or blue and yellow pack, but when it starts costing more to repair than what I gather up in gold well…

It’s not really fun anymore.  I like running around smashing demons and breaking open everything I can just to see what “treasures” it might hold.

Now there isn’t much motivation to do that anymore.  Heck, the last time I played I skipped all the corpses and breakables because I suspected it wouldn’t be worth it.  I just wanted to get to the next quest/checkpoint.

Since the big game in Diablo III revolves around the Auction House, it’s just boring.

But that’s okay.  I didn’t pay for the game anyway so it can sit until it becomes fun again.

I got a new game to play that’s a lot of fun and keeps me entertained during those “down” times in WoW.

Minecraft.  You can blame this guy for cluing me in on the game.

It can be as simple or complex as you like.  You can do whatever you want when you want.

It’s actually a refreshing change from dealing with all the Diablo III problems.  I like Diablo III – I really do as far as simply playing the game goes – but dealing with all the extra garbage isn’t my interpretation of “entertainment.”

If it truly were a single player game and I wouldn’t have to be “connected” to a broken social network, endless crap from gold spammers or hope someone puts that gear I need on the AH because it won’t drop in the levels I can farm, then I’d probably still be playing it.

I’ll look at it later – much later – and see if any changes made are worth trying the game again.

Until then…I’ve got some great ideas for my Minecraft “house” and I’ve got a lot of mining to do.