Yes, the RMAH is live now on the Americas servers.

No, I’m not buying anything with real money.

I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m buying hacked/botted/stolen goods when I use the GAH – never mind the RMAH.

It’s bad enough that I might be supporting that crap when I spend 5,000 gold on a gear upgrade.  I refuse to spend real money no matter how much security is attached to the process.

Add in that now I’m getting “friend” requests from gold sellers and well…the forced “social” aspect of Diablo III with no options to shut the damn stuff off will probably get to the point where playing the game will be impossible.

Until then…

I’ve been slowly working my way through Hell mode.  Defeated the Butcher and got into the next zone.

I start with a Whimyshire run in Nightmare mode just because I think it’s silly and fun.  I certainly don’t get anything useful out of it except maybe a rare or two that might sell on the GAH.

I check the GAH for gear upgrades (max 5,000 gold) and if I find something I’ll buy it and then try Hell mode again.

I still get stomped into the ground if I run into a blue pack but with a few gear upgrades I only die once or twice now instead of the 20 times I did earlier.

It’s really sad because if I can just play the game, spend a bit of gold for gear upgrades, get through it at a reasonable pace and generally have some fun I enjoy the game.

But the wonky “social network” aspect without basic privacy controls is killing it for me.

Here’s my Blizzard get your head out of your butt and fix this list:

  • no “show as offline” option
  • no way to clear recently “played with” list – yeah – do I really care what some random player in a public game weeks ago is doing?  No, I do not.
  • no options to block “friend” requests.  Sorry gold seller, I don’t want to be your friend even though I know it’s just a ploy to advertise your hacking site.  My friends have other ways to contact me and be added to my list.  I want to block *all* friend requests.
  • separate chat windows so I can talk with my friends and completely disable everything else
  • an ignore option that actually works

This is basic stuff – for crying out loud – even that privacy nightmare Facebook does it better.

I am still baffled as to why Blizzard hasn’t made any attempt to implement options that have been present in just about every other social network since the beginning of social networks.

I suppose that if the ultimate goal is to drive me away from playing Diablo III because of shoddy social network implementation, well…they are on the right track.