WoW has been fairly quiet lately but I’ve been logging in to do a few dailies and work on a couple of achievements.

I finally got the Magical Crawdad for my BE Priest from one of my Mr. Pinchys so I don’t have to go fishing for him again.

Magical Crawdad

Magical Crawdad

I spent some time fishing for feast fish for the guild and went to Tol Barad for the Fathom Eels.

I also killed a few foxes along the way between fishing nodes and got the Fox Kit after about 20 foxes – a big difference from the 7-hour fox-killing marathon I had to do with my Alliance Priest!

Fox Kit

Fox Kit

I wasn’t trying too hard because of account-wide pets coming up in MoP, but it’s still fun to get a surprise drop!

My BE Priest went to her first normal Dragon Soul raid and was totally carried to victory!

Fall of Deathwing

Fall of Deathwing

I got a few great gear upgrades (heck, my ilvl wasn’t even high enough for Looking for Raid) and after the raid I realized I hadn’t enchanted my weapon.

I was using the two-hand Jania’s Staff, but I got a smoking hot dagger from the raid.

Of course one needs an off-hand to go with the dagger and I didn’t have one, so I thought I’d stick with the staff until an off-hand turns up.

I went to the AH and spent my last 2k gold on the enchant and used it on my staff.

When I went to the bank to store my lovely dagger, there was the Goblet of Anger off-hand.

Yeah, I stored it in the bank because I didn’t have a main hand and just blew all my gold on an enchant and enchanted the wrong weapon.

So…back to dailies to save up more gold!

At least I now meet the ilvl requirements and can try Looking for Loot…as painful as it sounds.

Diablo III – hitting the wall

I’ve been slugging through Nightmare mode with my Wizard.  It hasn’t been too hard or too easy so far – for me, the difficulty is “just about right.”

My HP and DPS are really, really low so I have to be extra careful or I’m a dead Wizard.

Not that it’s difficult to play a Wizard:

Blast-kite-kite-kite-kite-kite-kite-kite-Blast-kite-kite-kite…etc., etc.

I think at one point I was kiting an entire map of uglies around until they finally killed me.

I made it to the end of Act I and hit the wall at Belial.  No way I could kill him because I’d die in the poison pools or whatever it is he throws down.

After several attempts with different builds I figured I needed better gear so I went farming for a while and came up with nothing.

No point trying the AH because it’s impossible to search easily and the cost of crappy gear is astronomical – I couldn’t find any upgrade at all in my “price range” and good stuff was beyond my gold reserves.

I couldn’t progress at all until I killed Belial, so I thought I’d give it a couple of more tries with a slightly different approach.

I had forgotten Wizard is just kite-kite-kite – I was trying to dps Belial down and failing.

So…I just did what I do best.  Kite-kite-kite, run around to avoid the nasties, use Ice Armor to grab a health globe and/or kite-kite-kite until my health pots were off cool down.

I’d blast him with something when I had a clear spot to stand in, but I didn’t even look at Belial.  I kept my eyes to ground and just looked at avoiding the green stuff, grabbing a globe when I could, and just staying alive.

And it worked.  I killed Belial and didn’t even know it until the achievement popped up.



I was quite pleased with myself.  I did it solo and without using the Auction House!

It’s sad that I’m level 45 and still rocking a level 9 ring because nothing I’ve found has better stats on it.

What is the real Diablo 3 game?

I know there is a lot of “talk” on the forums about gear itemization and I have to agree – the gear stats are well, pitiful.

Of course it’s fairly obvious that all this is by design – an artificial “gating” to drive one to the AH, and in time, the Real Money Auction House.

Personally, there is nothing I hate more about a game than having to play with my credit card handy so I can “progress.”

This tends to rule out an alarming number of games that have turned to this new gaming model.

I remember the “good old days” of purchasing a little game app for my iPod and well, just playing the game.

Now it’s almost impossible to find an i-Anything game that doesn’t have a gating system that requires additional purchases.

Don’t even get me started on Facebook games.  It’s bad enough to get trapped into the black hole of nickle-and-diming one to death, but add in the “social” network spam of your 8953 “friends” connected to the games and well…

I prefer to stay as far away from Facebook as possible.  Once upon a time it might have been a nice way to connect with people, but now it feels as if it’s nothing more than a convenient database of potential “customers” for advertisers.

After all, your “real” data is a lot more valuable than anonymous data, and every “like/dislike” one picks and broadcasts to your friends, the easier it is to make you a target.

Is this where Diablo 3 is headed with the RMAH?

All speculation of course, although a few key “blue” posts on the Diablo 3 forums have confirmed the gear itemization is by design as to not break the AH economy.

Heck, I don’t even care to use the gold Auction House.  It’s a single player game.  I get a kick out of finding gear upgrades or crafting stuff myself.

Unfortunately, its starting to look as if this won’t be possible.  Progress depends on gear.  Period.  If you can’t find it or craft it, where are you going to go?

The real game of Diablo III?

I have no intention of using the RMAH – it has too much of Facebook game stench wafting from it and it isn’t even live yet.

I also have to wonder about how aggressive account attacks will become when gold farmers see the potential of cutting out the “middle man” and going straight for the real money.

Right now I’m having fun playing the “kill monsters” game, but I’m beginning to feel as if the that game is merely a facade for the real game designed by economists and accountants.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep playing Diablo III – I suspect the wall I’m going to hit is the RMAH before any monster or demon.

It’s something to do until MoP is released, but I really don’t care enough about it to start spending real money.