Yeah, I decided to stay up until 1:00 am for the Diablo III servers to go live.

I had pre-downloaded the files a while ago but of course they were on the computer that bit the dust so I downloaded them again on my “backup” computer as soon as I got home.

Four hours later the download finished and I checked the forums to find out it could be installed but not played until 12:01 PDT.

Okie dokie.

I hadn’t really planned on staying up for the launch but I thought what the heck – I can log in, create a character and maybe do a couple of things before shutting it down for the night.

To be perfectly honest, I heard a rumor there was something to put on a flag for the closed beta participants and I was curious to see if I got one.

Keeping myself busy until 1:00 am wasn’t that difficult.

I was fascinated with the page after page of posts on the Diablo III forums from people who didn’t have a clue about time zones and were complaining that they were getting server errors (not even close to 12:01 PDT) or it was 12:01 their time so why couldn’t they play?

I mean really – if you’re posting a complaint on a forum surely you have enough basic internet skills to figure out a simple search on time conversion – or am I being overly optimistic?

What was disturbing is that a few of these posters identified themselves as college students…

Oh well.

The Big Moment finally came so I logged in and got the Error 32 or whatever because of a couple of million people trying to log in at the same time.

It didn’t take long for me to get logged on (another reason I absolutely despise the on-line requirement for a single player game), maybe 4 or 5 minutes but I was finally “in” and could create my first character:  a Wizard!

Diablo III Character Creation Screen

Diablo III Character Creation Screen

Whoo Hooo!  I can finally play a Wizard again – let the fun begin!

Instead of my Wizard I got:



Again, and again, and again…

I tried for about 10-15 minutes, then decided to check the forums to see if it was just a “busy” issue or a bug, and got:

Diablo Website

Diablo Website

I tried the Character Creation a couple more time before deciding “to heck with it” and quit for the night.

I’m not blaming anyone – I’m sure the Blizzard people were working overtime to get the thing going for all the crazed fans frothing at the mouth who wanted to play.

Me?  Meh, it will be there tomorrow (or the next day.)  I’m looking forward to playing it, but I probably won’t bother staying up late again for another “launch.”