Yes, I really need another level 85 Shadow Priest!

At least this one is Horde so it won’t be completely identical to my “main” Alliance Priest.  I originally planned to try Holy on this one but that lasted about an hour so back to Shadow/Disc spec.

Level 85

Level 85

The “what next?” of course, is running dungeons.

I don’t feel any “dungeonitis” anxiety because I’m more confident with my Priest and I know the dungeons from a Priest’s perspective.

Doesn’t mean I’ve run any yet (ha! ha!) – maybe tonight!

I didn’t have any heirlooms for this one except for the helm and cloak I transferred over with her, but leveling went fairly quickly even with quest greens and a couple of blues.

I was actually quite surprised when I finished up Deepholm and the Hero’s Board had the starter quest for Twilight Highlands.

I completely skipped Uldum.  I went back and did a few quests to open the portal but I probably don’t have to do any more for rep if I get the tabard.

Since I was close to 85 when I started Twilight Highlands it wasn’t nearly as painful as it was with a level 84 character.

I can probably skip most of this as well once I open the dailies and get a tabard.

The trick is remembering to equip a tabard before running a dungeon.

Crucible of Carnage

I had a nice surprise when I landed in the Crucible of Carnage area to turn in a quest – a couple of Horde players were there and asked if I wanted to join them.

I did, so we started the event and during the second or third boss a couple of Alliance players showed up and helped us with the rest of the bosses.

After we finished and I got my Achievement and my “Very Manly Staff”, someone in our party said they were going to stay and help the Alliance because they helped us.

Round Three. Fight!

Round Three. Fight!

That seemed like a good idea so we all stayed and helped the Alliance players get their Crucible of Carnage quests.

Their were many exchanges of “thanks” emotes before everyone went their separate ways.

Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to enjoy faction co-operation more than the “war” aspect.  It’s usually rare and unexpected which makes it more fun and memorable.

I know MoP is going to stir up the faction conflict again (I’m assuming to quench the crying about World PvP), but I’m not particularly sold on that yet.

It’s stupidly easy to start a war – any idiot can do that well enough.

It’s a lot more difficult to communicate across barriers and solve a mutual problem.  That’s what really takes skill.

So, I tend to remember and treasure these little cross-faction co-operation moments and I hope they don’t totally disappear with the new emphasis on faction conflict.

Fishing Fun

I kept my Hearthstone set to Dalaran simply because it’s more convenient to get around for the Cooking and Fishing dailies.

I lucked out this week – got the Bone Fishing Pole and a few days later I got the Jeweled Fishing Pole!

Bone Fishing Pole

Bone Fishing Pole

Jeweled Fishing Pole

Jeweled Fishing Pole

You know how I love my fancy fishing poles!

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

Now that I had both my fishing poles, I set my Hearthstone back to Orgrimmar and promptly forgot that I’m still stuck at Wrath level cooking and needed a recipe to skill up.

Yeah, it’s a really, really long boat ride…

One more thing…somebody is having a birthday and should check his in-game mail for a “present” (he he he)