Yeah, everyone’s “favorite” holiday achievement.

PvE players hate it because it’s specific tasks in battlegrounds and well, it’s PvP.

PvP players hate it because all the PvE people don’t know how to play battlegrounds and just want their achievement.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

All I needed for the Children’s Week meta was Alterac Valley since I got the rest last year.  It took me 5 or 6 battlegrounds before I found a tower with Horde players who were just after the achievement like the rest of us PvE players.

School of Hard Knocks

School of Hard Knocks

The biggest mystery is why make these PvP-type achievements a requirement for the global Achievement.

I suppose one reason could be that Blizzard wants to encourage players to try all aspects of the game.

I get that – but why not just have the achievement limited to finishing a battleground?  Expecting specific tasks doesn’t really give the non-PvP player a positive introduction to battlegrounds.

Instead, it’s only a frustrating experience that will probably scare PvE players away from battlegrounds for all time.

Unless, of course that is the real reason for the School of Hard Knocks.

Oh well.

At least I’ve got it done on my main and there is no way in Azeroth I will ever be encouraged to do it all over again on an alt.  Now I can forget about it and work on getting the pets for my alts.

If Blizzard wants to keep me out of battlegrounds, this achievement is definitely a step in the right direction.