I love this Word Event!

Camping out eggs for hours, running around as a little pink bunny, and when is Blizzard going to let us transmog those rabbit ears?



A few new items this year – black and pink bunny ears and a new mount!

So…who got the mount to drop and who had to pay 500 chocolates for it?

500 chocolates for the mount, 50 each for the two new bunny ears and 100 more to purchase the rabbit pet if that didn’t drop adds up to a heck of a lot of chocolates.

I usually only worry about getting the new stuff on my main Priest, so it took more than a few hours to get 500 chocolates to buy the mount.

After I bought it, I decided to get a 100 more chocolates to purchase the Black and Pink bunny ears so of course the BoP mount dropped at about 26 chocolates.

Yeah, I was banging my head on the keyboard for a while…

Fortunately the rabbit pet is now BoE and I had a few of those drop (my main already had one, all the achieves and title last year) so I have extras for alts.

I didn’t bother trying to get the mount on my other Alliance alts but I thought I’d try with my baby Horde priest.

Actually, I just wanted the rabbit pet for her but chasing eggs was fun so before I knew it I had 500 chocolates for the mount.

The pet never dropped, so I figured I’d try another 100 and get the bunny ears, and then an extra 100 for the pet.

Luckily a kind guildie had extra rabbit pets and sent me one so that saved me a lot of running around!

I did get plenty of Spring Robes, Tuxedos and Branches.  In fact, I had more Branches than I could shake a stick at – get it?  Ha! Ha!

I should have quit right there, but I had made a little Troll Druid as a buddy for my BE Priest at level 16, so I took her out for some egg hunting, got 500 chocolates for the mount and then found out I couldn’t buy it until she was level 20.

I knew she wouldn’t be able to learn it but I thought I could at least buy it.  Apparently not.

So…I had to run her around doing quests with 600 chocolates in my bags to get her to level 20 and finally purchase the mount.

At least she had the rabbit pet drop so I used my extra chocolates for the Black and Pink bunny ears.

I don’t think I ever want to see another chocolate for a very long time.

Next up – Children’s Week.  I only have two achievements left on my main for the title – the dreaded School of Hard Knocks – Assault a tower in Alterac Valley, and Hail to the King, Baby.

Yeah, that’s going to be fun.

I tried to solo Hail to the King, Baby last year and failed miserably but I have better gear this year so I hope I can get it done.

As far as the Battleground achievement…who knows?  At least I think I have about a week to get it done.

If I can get these two done, that leaves only two left for the Midsummer event to get my Violet drake.

It’s going to be a long summer…