On a suggestion from my last Another Priest post, I rolled Catniptoy the Second on the Kargath server – a lovely Blood Elf.

I think I spent more time at the Character Creation Screen finding the right hairstyle than I did getting her to level 10.

Yeah, I’m such a girl.

But it’s – you know – a Blood Elf and they just won’t tolerate sloppy hairstyles and heaven forbid you pick the wrong earrings.

Once I got the “important” stuff settled, I pretty much raced through the starter quests to get to Silvermoon City to pick up Mining and Herbalism – gotta start making some gold!

Catniptoy Level 10

Catniptoy Level 10

I picked flowers and mined ore while questing to level 10 and then had to make the big decision – set my hearthstone to Silvermoon City and keep questing in Eastern Kingdoms, or just head over to Orgrimmar?

I actually prefer Eastern Kingdoms quests for the Horde.  If I remember correctly (it’s been a while) EK zones have more lore-type story quests while Kalimdor seems to be more “military/war” based.

Is there any quest chain in Kalimdor that could possibly compete with Kingslayer Orkus and Kasha in Hillsbrad Foothills?

There probably is, but that is the one quest chain I remember the best.

Unfortunately, when you’re a level 10 with no “support”, economics has to factor into the equation and Silvermoon City just isn’t very friendly for a baby character leveling up professions and selling stuff at the Auction House.

It’s just too darn big and inefficient to get around when you haven’t got any transportation until level 20.

Yes, I’m fully aware that all the cities are specifically designed to slow you down but some appear more punishing to low levels than others (I’m looking at you, Undercity!!) so…

Off I went to Orgrimmar.  I wanted to start the Cooking/Fishing dailies anyway, and there a few inns that are more convenient to facilities and trainers.

Once I hit level 20 and get my ride, I’ll go back to Eastern Kingdoms for quests.  There are just too many great quest chains there I don’t want to miss if I’m leveling a Horde character.

I got to Orgrimmar (almost forgot about the Elevator Boss) posted all my ore/herbs, vendored my trash (no, I didn’t sell my staff again) and noticed that all my ore had sold by the time I finished the dailies.

Apparently Copper Bars sell for a very good price on this server so that’s encouraging.  I decided to kill some time until I got my gold so I queued for a Battleground.

No helm, no shoulders, no necklace, no rings, no trinkets and I couldn’t purchase any “temporary” cheap gear from the Auction House because all I had in my pocket was 50 silver.

Yeah, my ilvl is 2.

An Honorable Kill

An Honorable Kill

But it’s Warsong Gulch so I went and got a little disoriented starting on the Horde side instead of the Alliance.

I didn’t have to worry about going the wrong way because well, I never left the graveyard.  As soon as I rezzed I was killed.  I would throw up a shield on myself and whoever else happened to rez at the same time but it was a slaughter.

Interestingly enough, when it was over (Alliance won) I was actually third on healing – go figure.

Not So Fast

Not So Fast

I got the usual achievements but didn’t bother queuing for another one.  I leveled up my fishing until my Auction gold showed up in my mail.

I finished up the evening at level 12, about 47 gold and I see I have 19 gold waiting for me tonight – not bad for a new baby Blood Elf and a few hours work!

Catniptoy the Second

Catniptoy the Second