Tuesday is always a Big Night – lots of guidies and friends join up for the weekly Looking for Loot fest!

I don’t really need any gear or anything, it’s just a lot of fun and a chance to see if I can out-dps a certain Paladin (I can’t, but it’s fun to try!)

And what Priest wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to play Shaman pong with Leap of Faith?

Just for the record, no – it wasn’t me who LoF’d a certain Shaman into the ice wall.  Okay, I admit I thought about it but I’d never do it during a fight.

Well, almost never…

So we had a great time and I even won a token I passed to someone who really needed it.  I usually don’t win much (if anything) but if I do I’m happy to pass it along and for stuff I can’t roll need on I just pass.

Apparently there was another Shadow Priest in LFR, and when the raid was over and we rolled on the Deathwing loot, she /sighed at me.

I didn’t catch was it was about at first until I looked in my bags and saw that I had won the dagger – Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind.

Now, for a Shadow Priest, this is BiS at any raid level – LFR, Normal and Heroic – with the offhand Ledger of Revolting Rituals.

Of course, neither of those stupid Dragons (Ultraxion and Deathwing) *ever* drops the offhand or the dagger <insert /rage /crying /wrists here>

I don’t have the offhand (see above /rage) but I do have the Lightning Rod staff which is nothing to sneeze at (and doesn’t drop at all in LFR) until the BiS weapons decide to make an appearance.

So…although it would be great to try out the LFR version of the dagger and offhand, I really don’t need them.

I had already gone back to Stormwind but hadn’t left the raid group when I saw the /sigh, so I went back to the instance and clicked on her name to ask her if she wanted the dagger.

Before I finished typing she had left the raid group and disappeared back to another server.


I felt really bad.  If there was some way to send it to her I would – but I don’t think there is so now I’m sure she assumes I’m “that” LFR person.

So…Shadow Priest from another server, sorry I wasn’t quite fast enough to give you the dagger.  Just so you know I’m really not “that” LFR person, just a little slow on draw.

Update!  I was walking by the Campus store at lunch time and lo and behold!  A huge display of Caramel Easter Creme Eggs so I bought two…