Since I’ve been failing miserably with my Rogue, I decided to take a little break and level up a new character just for something different to do.

Unfortunately I’m out of character slots on my favorite server, so I picked a random “New Players” server and created a Draenei Priest with the unimaginative name “Catniptoy” on Drak’thul.

I actually enjoy the challenge of leveling up a character with no heirlooms and no level 85 for support.

I probably should have picked a different class to try out, but I really love the Priest class the best and I have an ulterior motive.

I’m going to try leveling Catniptoy as Disc and see if I can relearn how to heal again with the Atonement spec.

If it works out then I’ll start collecting a healing set for my favorite Shadow Priest and give it another try.

Level 10

Level 10

I didn’t research that particular server – there were only two “New Player” servers and the other one was PvP so I picked the PvE one.

Aside from the usual Trade Trolls that apparently come factory-installed with every server, I did notice one big difference from my usual server.

Duel challenges.  Every time I turned around someone was requesting a Duel with me – in the starter zone.

This continued to the point where it was beyond annoying.  I stopped Declining and just left the window up until it timed out hoping the challengers would get the message, but apparently they didn’t.

I had to quit the game and get the AutoDecliner addon installed so I had some peace and quiet.

The addon works great and will also block guild invites, channel invites and a bunch of other options besides Dueling.

In fact, it works a little too well.

One of the biggest challenges leveling a toon with no support is making gold.  I had mining/herbalism and was selling everything I had but it’s fairly slow.

I had discovered on another character that a quick way to make gold is signing guild charters for players.  That 10 or 15 gold most will pay for a signature is a lot of cash for a level 10!

So when I was questing around Darnassus and I saw someone looking for signatures in Trade chat for a bank guild and was paying 10 gold, I raced over to SW to sign the charter.

I went into the addon options to turn off the guild requests blocks, but it didn’t work.  Fortunately the person with the charter was patient so I had to log out, disable the addon and log back in.

I could then see the charter, signed it and got my gold!  The player also “tipped” me an extra 5 gold for taking the trip from Darnassus – woohoo!  15 gold!  I was rich!

I ran over to the Auction House to find a cheap bag to purchase and found a couple of 8-slots bags for a few silver.  More bag space = more ore/herbs to sell!

I had to re-enable the addon because just running from the SW Bank over the AH I had several guild invites pop up.  No, I’m not going to automatically join your guild – unless there is a gold reward in there somewhere…

I decided to run a few battlegrounds to practice my healing with no heirlooms, no helm, no shoulders, no trinkets…yeah, I knew where that was going.  I didn’t even have a weapon.

Well, I had a nice staff from a quest reward except in my excitement of vendoring trash for a few copper I forgot I had my fishing pole equipped and sold my staff.

Of course I didn’t realize I had sold it until I decided to queue for a battleground and couldn’t find it.  I went back to vendor to buy it back but it was already off the list.  I checked the AH for a cheap weapon to use but there was nothing.

I checked WoW Head to see if there were any quests coming up that had a weapon quest reward and…nothing I could pick up quickly.

I had to buy a mace from a vendor.  Yup, I paid about 20 silver for a lovely white vendor mace.

Oh well.  Better than nothing at all.

Queued for Warsong Gulch and was promptly killed each time I left the graveyard, but I had a chance to tweak my Vuhdo and set up my 3 or 4 healing spells, rack up 77 Honor points and get a few achievements.

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper

I even managed to finish off a Horde or two with my amazing SW:P, MB and Smite-Smite-Smite-Smite Opps! OOM! rotation.

Battlegrounds don’t seem to give much experience – if any – as my experience bar didn’t seem to move at all, so I went back to questing and got to level 20.

Level 20

Level 20

I had plenty of gold by then to pay for my riding skill (about 70 gold) but I still don’t like Eleks, the AP Charger perk/Guardian mounts are nice but take up too much space so I went back to my Sparkle Pony until I can get the reputation to get a horse or cat mount.

100 Honorable Kills

100 Honorable Kills

A few more quests and I got to level 21, had my Vuhdo/healing keybinds properly set up so I’m ready to try some dungeons.

I ended the evening with a whopping 107 gold!

I just wish I didn’t have to roll new characters on other servers as I don’t like having everything scattered around (I tend to lose track of what I have where) so I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a second account and RaF myself.

Yeah, it can get a little pricey buying all the expansions again and game time but it would be nice to have the “extras” for when MoP is released.

I’ll see how much I left I have to spend after taxes…