Ah…I remember the glory days when I was Queen of the Rogues, Pick Pocket Champion of Azeroth, and would two-shot any mobs before they knew what hit them.

Now I’m not only last on dps and crank out less than 50% of what damage the healer can do, well let’s face it – I totally fail as a rogue.

So I’ve taken the advice and suggestions given to me, fixed up a few talent points and tried out Combat.

I was also very lucky to have a couple of guildies not only drag me through a few normal dungeons and give me advice and tips, they also gave me some crafted/JP gear to upgrade my sorry quest greens.

I think I was running the normals as Sub and when I tried Combat well, Combat is certainly “easier” simply because I don’t have to worry about being behind a mob.  I can just run up and start smacking it.

I didn’t have a “proper” main hand for Combat so when a guildie said he had a Tremendous Tankard of Terror for me, I remembered I had been saving one in my bank – woohoo!

I knew this would come in handy one day so I’m glad I didn’t sell it!

Anyway, nothing cheered me up more than the idea of whopping mobs with a giant tankard!

Lost City of the Tol'vir

Lost City of the Tol'vir

So a big thanks to my guildies for the dungeon runs and gear – that was above and beyond the call of “duty” for a sorry rogue!

A few “normal” dungeons runs – mostly Lost City and one dreaded Grim Batol –  and I got more gear upgrades.

Grim Batol

Grim Batol

With some decent gear and a new spec, I found I was dying a lot less especially at the Molten Front dailies.

The day before I couldn’t kill anything without dying a couple times.  This time I did the dailies as Combat and it was noticeably easier.

Of course this is mostly because of the gear upgrades and I reforged/enchanted what I could.  Yeah, I forgot I was an enchanter – duh!

I don’t have all the enchants yet and I really don’t want to spend 4000 gold on a chest enchant for a green item.  I think there is a reputation blue chest I can buy or I can just save up the JPs since I’m close to getting enough for a chest with a few more runs.

I had at least the cheaper enchants for the rest of my green gear and who knew as an Enchanter I could enchant my rings?

With my kindly donated gear upgrades, reforges, a few gems/enchants my ilvl was high enough to run Heroics.

Yeah, right.

I think I have the “basic” Combat priority but I’m probably missing a couple of things I have to work on yet.

But…nothing like practice so I bit the bullet and queued for a Heroic.

Heroic Deadmines – oh goodie.

My dps was certainly better but I was still about 50% of everyone else although I managed to at least out-dps the healer.

I guess the group either noticed I was still gearing up or just felt sorry for me because no one raged at me or kicked me.

It was going along fine until the reaper part.  Because I was lowest dps I was asked to do the vehicle part.  I’ve never done it before and said so, but then the hunter pulled the boss (the tank was *not* impressed) and I couldn’t find the vehicle.

I spent most of that fight 1) looking for the vehicle (where is the stupid thing anyway??) and 2) running from the adds while trying to get a few shots at the boss.

To my surprise we got an achievement.

Prototype Prodigy

Prototype Prodigy

I’m shocked no one died, but after that things went fairly well until the very end.  I died once at Cookie because I’m sure I was the only one eating the good and bad food and the deck was covered in swirly green stuff.

And I also died at the very end – no idea why unless my Rogue is going to follow in the footsteps of my Dead First priest!

Heroic Deadmines

Heroic Deadmines

All that dropped that I could use was leather pants, but I didn’t win them so maybe next time.

I definitely need to use some targeting macros since I’m sure I lost a lot of dps because I was slow on the draw – especially for the “charging” mobs and the times the tank decided to ball room dance mobs all over instance.

At least I didn’t have to worry about getting behind them and yes, it’s great fun whacking them with my Tankard!

Oh, and by the way – am I ready to raid and get the Legendary Rogue weapons yet??